Hughes Living Room

Sometime ago I blogged about my mother’s house and some of the style choices she’s made that I’d love to get my hands on and change (ie., throw out!).

She has agreed to let me seriously work her space so I’ll be showing progress here.

I think it’s a large enough room, all she really uses it for is tv watching. During the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, she will have to seat family members after they stuff their faces. She’s never had enough sitting. We always haul in dining chairs from the kitchen…

Her demands are:

  1. Let the tv be in focus
  2. Have an over-stuffed cushy sofa

What I would like for her is new everything:

  1. Sofa
  2. Coffee table
  3. End tables
  4. A solution to house her tv
  5. More seating
  6. New window treatments
  7. Paint
  8. REAL plants

The room is about 16 x 19, around 300 sq. ft. We have a 9 x 12 rug lined up.


It pains me so…the fake plants, the dark colors, the drapes hovering above the floor, the way the furniture is slanted in the middle of the room??


I’ve only just begun but I’m already certain we’ll move the new sofa where she currently has the armoir, and put the armoir over on the far wall.

I was thinking slipper chairs in front of the fire place, and an arm chair in a fun print near the coffee table/sofa (near armoir/far side of room opposite the front door). I was also thinking a chair in the book shelf nook where she currently has her heinous tv. If I had my way tv would not exist. I hate those things!

Furniture to keep:

  1. Armoir (family antique)
  2. Grandfather clock
  3. Mirror over fireplace (rotate it vertical)

Now, all of this has to be done on a next to nothing budget so…stay tuned! 🙂