What’s That About Temporary Wallpaper?

Everywhere I look I see wallpaper making a big splash, with removable wallpaper being a major player. Genevieve Gorder has a line for Tempaper. Chasing Paper, a brand I found in a google search, has popped up on Emily Henderson and on the Today Show with Architectural Digest.

Wallpaper in one shape or form will always be with us. Here are 18 removable papers I fancied and hope you do too (I am really digging #1. You’ve seen #2 before, right!).


Blues: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56,  Whites/Greys: 789, 10, 11, 12,   Reds: 13, 14, 15,   Greens: 16, 17, 18 

Neutral Living Room Makeover

In my previous post I ended with a drab photo my mother sent me from some kids she knows on facebook. I may have been too harsh (naaah) and decided it would be better as a post all its own! Let’s imagine everything I’m about to say to you actually happened.

Haley and her fiance Josh recently purchased a home in Tennessee. Through the glorious wonders of the internet, they stumbled across my work and asked me to help them spruce up their living room. They just couldn’t seem to pull it together themselves.

They sent me this picture of some newly acquired furniture and decor. Guys, I can’t. And I told them so.


I could tell Haley and Josh were trying but really missing the mark. From the rug, to the matching sofas (which isn’t a bad thing but why do you need a sofa and a love seat in 2016? in such a small room?), to that clock (just no), to the too many matchy matchy pillows.

It’s obvious the couple was going for chic but not understanding you can mix in so many more colors and textures and still have a neutral space!!

I asked Haley to pull some images off Pinterest of her ideal dream room and together this is what we came up with:


You wouldn’t know it at ALL from looking at their current design situation that they like a mix of 50s-70s, with a mix of woods, metallics, and heavyweight fabrics.. We decided we needed

  • A new sofa, Danish design, narrow arms,
  • A large ornate floor mirror,
  • 2 vintage chairs (to replace the loveseat),
  • A new square coffee table,
  • A more natural looking media center, more mid century,
  • A shag rug, still black,
  • A fun chandelier

The couple allowed me to lead the way, suggesting vintage pieces I know and love so much. There was no way to use anything they’d previously purchased. So out with the old and in with the new!

This is what I came up with!


No room of mine would be complete without an animal. The sheep is a vintage ottoman! I need that for my own house!

I jokingly said “Guys, you already love drab paint colors, why not go all the way and paint your walls charcoal?” I mean…  So glad they loved the idea and decided they would go for it!  That paint color was killing me. What is that? No thank you. Please stop accepting all builder grade paint choices people. Paint your walls when you move in. Say no to “greige”. Nothing goes with this awful paint color. Look how sickly their furniture looks in there. Pitiful. I would know. As an apartment dweller I’ve seen this color time and time again. It is the literal worst.

Anyway, I really love dark charcoal rooms and light furniture. The dark walls make everything else POP.  Sunlight from windows doesn’t hurt.

So we’ve got a saffron sofa in a crepe linen. So nice. The luxury of this sofa is it’s a sleeper! So they can pull it out while they watch tv or have guests over. Sha-bang! Its Danish styling is just what we were after, slim square arms, boxy shape, skinny legs. This is not a crazy leap from what they started with. It’s still low to the ground and still boxy in shape (I was inspired to suggest this style because of the original sofas arms).

They told me they really liked their original black and white rug, so I made sure to stay within that color scheme. This cotton jute rug will be soft underfoot, and the graphic motif will give the room added interest. There’s grays, blacks, browns, and creams in the rug…plenty of neutral colors!

Needing an authentic vintage piece, I found 2 1970s cube chairs from a newly favorited Instagram source, Again & Again. The cube shape echos the boxiness and narrow arms of our sofa. The gray stripes from the upholstery pick up the grays and whites/creams in the rug. I liked the walnut base, adding a natural wood layer to our room.

I also found the marble coffee table through Again & Again. I chose a marble top Saarinen tulip table and vintage Italian arc lamp with marble base to sit by the sofa. Marble is fancypants and white always adds brightness. Especially since we have dark walls now. I forget who said something about layering on the white. Do you know? The arc lamp adds to our sexy 60s-70s vibe.  Aren’t they so fun?

Speaking of lighting, I originally thought about something celestial like this, but ended up with a Brutalist flush mount to replace what they already had. I haven’t really decided if I like that trend/style of chandelier. I think a lot of people that use them in their homes are using them in the wrong way — too small. If you have a gigantor room, you don’t want a chandelier the size of a light bulb sticking out from the ceiling. Just my 2 cents.

Anyway, love the Brutalist style. This adds texture through sculpture and keeps with our mid-century style, but not in a cheesy way. With a room as small as Haley and Josh’s, I think a flush mount is all we need.

So we’ve got marble and fabric, we need some wood! I went to West Elm for their console. They can put their tv on it or whatever they please. Just not that hideous clock (sorry, not sorry.) I think the hole in the middle would be great with books, or some sort of collection. If I had my way tv would not exist in any room. But I know that isn’t reality for the majority of American homes.

Lastly, I thought we needed something light in color and still something wooden/natural to occupy space opposite our cubes. I found this amazing Frank Gehry chair and ottoman on Knoll. Perfection.

I thought I was done but then I remembered we needed our mirror. I tried options behind the sofa but ultimately realized the space wasn’t balanced. I didn’t want 2 matching side tables for this room, so the other side of the sofa was empty.  I found a French Baroque floor mirror on Etsy. Now we’re set!!

This room is ready for major sexy party fun vibe let’s hang out all day and night times! And it’s neutral but still so interesting! So much texture and fun stuff to look at. Not just 2 boring sofas, blah blah blah.

All the pillows are from Mitchell Gold. The pillows in the chairs tie in the rug and the pillows on the sofa pull from the rug and the chairs. The fur lumbar is just a bit of fun and for added texture.

Major Players: Sofa, cube chairs, marble coffee table (2), 8×10 rug, floor mirror,  Frank Gehry chairwooden console

The Details:Sheep ottoman, white vase, brown vase, black and yellow vase,  arc lamp, Saarinen tulip side table (Calacatta satin), graphic pillows, circle applique pillow, black pillows, fur lumbar, ram bowl, mannequin head, Brutalist light fixture

Haley and Josh said we love this room! How much is all this?! Is this within budget? Let’s do it!! And I said, oh this room, without paint, is roughly $31, 075. I just wanted to pull a bunch of fun stuff and make you sad! Muhahaha.

But then I pulled a Property Brothers or whatever and gave them a similar room within their $5,000 budget.


I found a very similar Danish style sofa at CB2, in the color sunflower. Similar to saffron. It’s a little more orange than green but I think it works. Orange is very 70s! The downside here? No sleeper.

I looked for cube chairs but couldn’t find anything comparable to our Again & Again chairs.  There were 2 identical chairs on Etsy but in a red floral pattern. We don’t have money for reupholstery. Skip it! And really we need a vintage item and they’re just so good! So we decided that $850 was a steal and went for the chairs. So happy we did that! They make the room for me. I linked some alternatives below but I’m really not in love with those choices. You don’t want every single piece to be up on skinny mcm legs.

I checked out the Nashville craigslist and right there for $75 was a gold floor mirror. Sure it’s not as ornate as French Baroque, but it’s $75, it’s within budget, and I think it’ll work just fine for these cats.

We got a much cheaper marble inspired tulip table ($188) and a fun arc lamp with large marble base ($256). Still maintaining our pricey marble look but with affordable pieces.

I wasn’t able to find a cotton jute with a fun pattern like the Anthropologie rug (for a good price!) but I did find this black one with great texture on Overstock for $354. The colors are black and browns.

After trying MANY white coffee table solutions, faux marble and other materials, I finally found this marble table on Chairish. Woohoo! I wanted to stay as close to the shape of the pricier option as possible. Atleast it’s a square? Ha! And marble! That was important. Nothing else looked right.

I really couldn’t find a console in reclaimed wood to fit the budget that didn’t look like industrial junk. I hate that look. Definitely not with our mid century-70s mood. So I found this dresser. When you can’t find a console/credenza, look for a dresser or top-opening storage chest. They’re always cheaper! However, it makes the room a little more casual/approachable.  Just depends on what style you’re really going for. Haley and Josh aren’t as froo froo as $31,000 and were okay with the trendy look of the classic MCM chest.

Finding the right wooden piece for the Frank Gehry chair was really hard. Like really really hard. I’m still not convinced I chose correctly. This chair puts us over budget with its $850 price tag. We’ll just have to hope the seller accepts a lower offer. I have linked to some cheaper alternatives.

The brass light fixture is similar in shape but not in the Brutalist style that is so shapely and cool. But this one is mid-century and also reminds me of the 70s. So it still fits with what we’re going for.

The Target pillows look a lot cheaper in comparison to the Mitchell Gold. Go figure. This room, as it is, with no lesser chair offers accepted, is $5,694. I really wish I could have found an affordable sheep ottoman. I think the room really needs it!! 😦

Major Players: Sofa, cube chairs (2, 3), 6×9 rug, floor mirror, coffee table (2), console/dresser (2), rattan chair, (2, 3)
The Details: Arc lamp (2, 3), tulip table, fur throw, black pillow covers, abstract pillows, gray loop applique pillow, faux fur lumbar,  light fixture, mannequin head

I can’t wait to show you the reveal!


The sofa will stay where their old sofa was, but the cube chairs will go where that cabinet and clock was. The media console/mcm dresser will go on the far side of the room opposite the sofa. We’ll anchor everything with our rug, center our marble table between our sofa and chairs, and diagonally sit our rattan lounger. The mirror with lay against the wall on the right of the sofa, behind the chairs. The marble side table and marble arc lamp will flank the sofa. Isn’t that great!

Jk this wasn’t real. But it could be, if you scroll to the bottom, click the contact email, and let’s do business! 🙂



Hope you enjoyed my stab at neutrals. I definitely prefer color but wanted to see if I could handle the neutrals. I wish I could have gotten a little closer to the expensive room when making the price comparison. I really like it a lot better. I would totally live in that room. Maybe if I looked harder across the internet I would have found a better rattan chair and a better reclaimed wood console. But I got tired of staring at this thing!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this neutral room.

a confession/ Tiny spaces; a vignette

Oh my gosh, you guys. I apologize for the lack of content. I want to be transparent on this blog like so many wonderful bloggers that I admire but then I don’t want to break my lovely little veil of internet anonymity. I will say that this has been a very rough year for me. I briefly posted that I left my graphic design job in December 2015. 2015 was ultimately the worst year of my life! I received devastating health news February 2015 that I am still processing. It has not been easy. Then the majority of this year I have been unemployed and dealing with depression and anxiety. I ultimately had to move in with my mother in another city, thus my lack of personal home posts. And why I was focusing so much on her space. It was very difficult living with my mother at 31. I haven’t lived with her in 13 years! Our relationship definitely felt the strain after 6 months. I sought healing but only felt worse being in my childhood home, isolated and jobless.

I am back home in Birmingham now, living with my boyfriend again. We broke up in 2015 after the health news created some tension in our relationship. I moved into a house on my own. Remember my bungalow? It was hard living by myself. I couldn’t keep up with the house maintenance, the lawn, the pest control, by myself. I was really really stressed at work. To the tune of losing 25 lbs and a good chunk of my hair falling out. My news in combination with my work stress nearly destroyed me. I just wanted to lie down and die. Just be dead until this sadness passed. But life doesn’t work like that. Life seemed meaningless and sitting in a windowless cubicle was literal agony. So I quit! I quit. I lived off my 401k a while. I moved. I drowned in my depression pretty much up until 2 weeks ago. My boyfriend has been there for me every step of the way, as a friend and as a mate. He and I are much better now, committed to each other. Moving away definitely made me realize a lot about what I needed out of life to have some semblance of happiness. One of those things is him. I am tired of being sad. Nearly 2 years is long enough!  So what if I can’t have children (yeaah, I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency with translocated chromosomes for a likelihood of miscarriage)? I am alive. I have my parents. My family. Jim. Jim’s family. Friends. I am still capable of achieving the goal of being a stylist, right? 😀

For now, I’m staying in his garage apartment. Here’s a little styling for ya! When I say little, I mean like…vignette little.

Don’t worry, Jim said I could embarrass him all across the interworld with this photo…


Before I even knew I was moving back, I came to visit and tidy up his space! You can see my bags/shoes on the dining chairs. He had them in the middle of the room. I still don’t understand why old dining chairs were up there but whatever. That was the only thing I moved before snapping these photos. Granted he and his brother mostly used this garage apartment for bottling their homebrew, he clearly was sleeping up here from time to time. It was NOT an environment I wanted to sleep in nor a room I wanted to spend time in!   A lot of trash everywhere, dirt and grime, dirty clothes, and all around a layer of man funk covering each and every surface.


With nothing to decorate with but the contents within the room, I moved the dresser from below the window to along the wall. The kilim rug is so good and colorful. I found an old patterned shirt in the closet and wrapped it around the ottoman to add a little more color to the space. I put the 2 dining chairs together and slapped a blanket and pillow on it and called it a sofa! The guys were so messy, that Matisse print was hiding behind the dresser. Matisse should always be displayed! It just so happened to be night time and the nearest visible plant life was a pine tree. I put it in a beer bottle for a masculine touch.

Jim was all smiles when he saw the cleaned up space. Yay!

Then a week later I moved in. All my furniture is still at Mom’s so I could only bring some accessories to make it homey for myself. I brought 2 chairs…and well, here, you’ll see:


I can’t tell you how much I miss my vintage credenza! Gah that thing is like my pride and joy. This old kids dresser doesn’t compare. But I knew my yellow chair and brass chair with white arm pads would pair well (I know, this is an outside chair but so what?).

I love all the colors!! The rug, the chairs, the white in the dresser, the greens and blues in the art, and then the plants. Gah, it just works so well. Then there’s the touches of brass in the candlesticks,the legs of the Target tripod, the brass elephant, and the chair. Lil bling bling! There’s texture in the leather ottoman, the nubby white and yellow pillow on the brass chair, the velvet on the vintage yellow chair, the grain of the side table.


Chloe approves! The side table is decked out with Buddha and the cutest brass elephant I ever did see. I got that Buddha for $2 from a friend at a flea and he’s been with me in every apartment for years and years and years. Move after move after move. Where I go, Buddha goes.


There are pops of orange balanced by pops of black. I’ve come to find that one of my favorite things is to make a not so great situation as good as you can in that moment. To work with what you’ve got. Like what I did with Mom’s living room.

I only brought 3 of my little animal friends, 6 styling books, 1 piece of art, 2 chairs, and 1 rug (not shown). I am h-u-r-t-i-n-g for all my friends! but soon enough they’ll be back in bham too! 🙂

I hope my plants continue to grow here. The backroom at Mom’s house, where my room is now, does not receive much sunlight. My plant Bergita that I’ve had for 3 years bit the dust. I loved her. Oh, Bergita. If Fiddle dies I will be so mad! But anyway, I sit in the yellow chair and put my feet up. For little ol’ me it’s not too shabby. For giant ol’ Jim it’s a lil cramped. Here’s to hoping 2017 means a job I enjoy, financial stability once again, and much needed happiness.


(please don’t encourage me to adopt or tell me everything happens for a reason. i’ve heard it all before and it doesn’t help. i know everyone means well but it doesn’t help my broken heart when you want a biological child of your own with your loved one)


Hughes living room refresh (but not a redesign)

I like to think of this as a step along the way to a makeover/living room redesign. A few weeks ago I surprised my mother by rearranging her living room. She loved it. Whew!

When you have 0 dollars to buy new furniture you can definitely breathe new life into a space by moving your current furniture into a better flowing/more logical floor plan! I also wanted mother to get a sense of how the living room might be once we get new furnishings for her. She saw the light and approves!

If you recall, the old space was dark and the full size of the room was cut in half because mom had the sofa sitting in the middle of the space!


I opened all the blinds, moved the armoir, put in a rug, donated 2 chairs, and the space really opened up.


I moved the sofa to its most logical position, on the longest wall between the 2 furthest apart windows. Just like mother is short on books for the built-ins (as written about in the entry below), she is short on art. But that’s okay…we’ll get there. I put what I could find above the sofa to fill the empty space. And guys, don’t look at those pillows. HAHA.

I also got rid of EVERY SINGLE fake plant. Now all plants in the room are 100% real. Whew!

The crystal lamps flank the sofa on either side (though the sunlight here washes them out).

This rattan/glass coffee table came from another room in the house. To add texture and mix things up a bit (be not so traditional) I switched out her old coffee table for this one. I could have styled the table with a tray of knickknacks. Lord knows mom has oodles of those fake fruits and those twine balls from Kirklands (anybody?)…but I didn’t care to bother. So…clean space it is! It’s been a few weeks and she still has the vase sitting there.


The red recliner that was in the room was too heavy and dark seeming so I got rid of it! Having the daintiness of this chair (the open legs) keeps the flow of the room light and airy.


The poo tv is still in focus but not blocking the built-in like before. The 2 new chairs provide much needed seating for guests. In fact, shortly after she had visitors! And they had a place to sit! How about that! 😛

There was some clutter on the mantle, which I removed, and like the coffee table chose to leave bare.


Look how big the space is as opposed to before! The rug makes it so much cozier and now she opens the blinds every day. She never did that before. 🙂

Plenty of room for 2 animal print stools in front on the coffee table, switch out my high backs for Billy Haines brentwood chairs, get a new sofa, some sort of coffee table (burled walnut or acrylic), strip the fireplace so the natural wood shows, find a vertical mirror, paint the walls, accessorize, find a boat load of books, add a floor lamp, get new side tables, wallpaper the focal sofa wall, buy some art and presto!



Built-in Bookshelf Makeover

I really never paid much attention to my mother’s bookshelves until recently. I admit I am not very observant when it comes to things that do not interest me, such as her collection of blue and white china, her annoying love for my horrible teenage years family photos, and tattered family bibles.

When I photographed the living room for “before” shots for the makeover I’m working on I was appalled at what I finally allowed my eyes to rest on: no attention to color or height. No books. Mostly everything is lined up in a row, no rhythm no reason.


The bottom right shelf has completely given up. It looks like a pile of trash down there! Books are obviously of no concern here. They’re just shoved in piles off to the side. Who needs books, right? We got dishes and cheeseball photos galore to show off.

At first I was hesitant to post this mini-makeover because it is only a temporary solution. There are not nearly enough books in this “case”. There were none in the house for me to pull from to add in. I am ashamed of the top and bottom shelves. But then I remembered the point of this blog, the evolution of home. So, we’re evolving mom’s home one step at a time.

I also desperately need real life content. 😉 Without ado, the newly styled built-in:


This is the view with that wretched tv I cannot stand! We’ll be getting rid of it soon enough. At least buying a tv stand that isn’t oriented in front of the bookshelves. BUT right now, it’s kind of nice because it hides the lower shelves from view.


I originally had the bottom left shelf arranged like so. Then when I moved the tv back over, as seen above, I realized I could take some books from a hidden-from-view shelf and boost up the plate. The height of books made a world of difference instead of this row of items. Like I said, these bottom shelves are bad/sad.

But I am fine with the meat in the middle:


I need to tell you a little more about this no books situation. I could have sworn there were more in this bookcase growing up, I thought to myself, “Maybe they’re in the closet?” So I went looking. All I found were a bunch of Little Golden Books (those cardboard books with the gold spines?), my college year books, and ton of bible story books.

But no adult books. Had we no Encyclopedia Britannica?

I also realized my mother is insane. Insane with china and space wasting figurines. There are 9 rooms in her house. That’s 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living room, a kitchen, a hall/study, and an old playroom turned dog room. You know how many of those rooms have cabinets with dishes and figurines? Every single one of them except the 2 baths and 1 bedrooms (ahem, the guest where I sleep) and the dog room. So 5 rooms.  5 rooms have dishes in them. There is a cabinet or TWO of dishes in nearly every room of this house. So books are not a priority.

In fact, there are 2 cabinets in the living room, 2 in the kitchen, 1 in the hall, 1 in the bedroom that is now a “jungle room”, one cabinet in her room…. I mean, it’s completely dish/figurine insanity.

Also, we need to discuss the Jesus-centric text in the house. There are 6 bibles on those shelves and I cannot even tell you how many children’s bible story books I used simply for height and color. Thank goodness for them because they really came in handy! But I honestly had no clue so much religious text was in the house. I don’t recall anyone reading those stories to me. If and when they did, it was at an early age, one I do not remember. “Hello, child. You will now be indoctrinated into the Church, now and foreverrrrr.” It’s actually no wonder I’m the non-religious person I am today (rebel, run away…run awaaay from the teachings). 😛

I kid (not really).


I began in the middle with a photograph of mom’s parents in their youth (the round gold frame). I knew mom loved those crazy Bibles and that religion was important to her and her upbringing so I thought this would be a great “family” shelf.  I’m not sure and didn’t ask, but I know some of those bibles were from members of her family, maybe grandfather. The teapots were given to her by grandmother, too. That special touch!

Across from that are a bunch of family photos- a wedding, great grands, grandmother, me at 5 in a clown costume- an egg (mom’s obsessed with Asian eggs), bible story mess. So, across the board this whole shelf sings the song of family ties.

This also sort of started the color story of the entire shelves: blue, black, brown, gold (yellow). I also threw in green.

Since I had a lot of yellows and blues in the bible books from the family photo graph shelf, I brought those colors down to the next shelf with the piggy bank and the children’s books. This shelf could tell the tale of childhood.


I just love the colors in the piggy and the colors in the egg from the shelf above. The way the eye travels around from shelf to shelf picking up moments of brightness. That was the intention.

The piggy bank was my father’s. Perhaps the American Indians, too. Or he got that for me. I haven’t a clue. I love me some Secret Garden.


If memory serves by now I’d hopped up to the upper cubbies and decided symmetry would look best. Mom had mostly all her blue and white china lumped together and while grouping is a good tactic for shelves, I wanted to group like things together and space them around the shelves. I felt like the 2 biggest pieces could stand on their own here. Especially given “stuff” was limited to divvy among all the shelves.

I nabbed the monkeys from the jungle room for color and their religious element. I threw the white pieces in for fun. Ha.

Now back to the middle. You probably don’t keep your cook books on the living room shelf but whatever. Mom had a bunch of these Southern Living Annuals. I wanted to bring in more green since I had the green monkeys. I flanked the annuals stack with blue china tea pots. This is the cooking shelf.

Since the bible family shelf was black, I balanced the next corner shelf with black yearbooks I’d found in the closet. There’s a green picture frame tucked in there of mom holding me as a baby. Baby me, me in the high school yearbooks. Something about life and growing up shelf. Still on the childhood shelf so we’re making complete sense here.

I brought in more yellow and finally some books that can stand! on the next shelf. This shelf holds no significance whatsoever. It’s a hodepodge of kids bible books, other random books, some more monkeys, and blue and white china. But colorwise I’m diggin it!

Next to that we round off religion with more bibles. Since I had the brown teapots from her mom, I wanted to match that and found the brown pot in a closet. I know that is a family relic too. The magnolia bookend tosses in a teeny bit of yellow and green.

So there you go! This concludes the best shelves.

With 2 remaining eggs and trinket boxes, I again went for symmetry in the 2 small cubby shelves. The shelf in the middle contains college yearbooks, her nursing school books, jesus text for height, and dishes for color. This was supposed to the be college shelf.
We’ll skip the bottom because it’s stupid and pointless and ugly and the redheaded stepchild we throw in the basement…

On top, I tried to maintain the color story of blue, black, and green. The photos give the height. And look, Old Great Gran made it from the very bottom, forgotten under that stack of trash I mentioned at the very beginning, to the very top, where she can shine out over the shelf world for all to see!


On the top right are the last bit of kids bible books and family photos. Can you believe how many of those bible books there were? There were A LOT.


So, here we go. Before, Middle, End.






I’d like to end on these quotes:

“Even if you don’t collect any particular type of book, do have books. A house is bereft without them.” HouseBeautiful Quick Changes
“Organize and style your bookshelves. Group books by subject or even color. Stand some upright, and then stack some horizontally to break the monotony. Mix in favorite pieces of pottery, collectibles, shells, or family photos.” -Angie Hranowsky
“Don’t line up objects like they’re on a march. Vary heights.” – Dan Marty (Speaking about collections)

While these shelves are not perfect, I feel they’re in much better shape than before. I probably could mess around a little more for better solutions with the items available to me, but I look at the shelves now and I see color balanced as a whole, I see varying heights and eye movement, and I like that most of the shelves tell an individual story–but as a whole a story that makes up the life of my mom. Isn’t that what a home is all about??





Refining and the chaise

Mother has mentioned numerous times that she would like a sectional for the living room. I have personally never liked a sectional. I think of bulky, cheaply made hunks of tacky junk people throw in front of televisions. You know, those ugly things people buy for $599 at discount stores?

Then I came across this beauty from Dwell Studio. It has a left or right facing chaise. $1,800 is not a bad price point either, and it comes in a variety of standard upholstery fabrics and lots more for an upcharge. I was reading a HouseBeautiful book and came across the work of Robin Bell and further knew a wallpapered focus wall would be excellent for mom’s living room. Don’t you love this zebra wall paper below!

I cannot help myself when it comes to playing with ideas for the room. Here I’ve delved a little deeper with the decor. Of course, most of this is out of budget but it’s fun to get a sense of how the space can look. Here we have the demilune and tv stand from the previous entry, the pieces I’ve been speaking of from entries prior, and I threw in new sconces, new art, and new blue lamps. I know mom would love those lamps.

We are missing some chairs but in time… I have not found any good Boston Terrier art for the gallery wall behind sofa. Eyes peeled! Will of course have to find the right shade of orange to complement the wallpaper.

You can find all this on One Kings Lane.




Hughes Tables

So, I showed my initial plan to mumsie and she approved! Wallpaper and all.

She thinks nothing can be accomplished online, i.e., she hates internet shopping, but we all know I love it! So I’ve been perusing the webs for tv stands and other sorts of tables.


I had no idea about demilunes until this week! I’ve actually been in the presence of one for years and never understood why the round table looked broken in half. If you find fancy antique ones, they come in pairs (like the one I’ve been staring at all these years), and are meant to be hooked together to create a round table, and when unhooked, and not in use, pushed against the wall and used as console tables. Demilunes, meaning half moon tables, are great space savers and add a touch of elegance to your space!

They were popularized in France in the 1700s. They can flank fireplaces, be used in entry halls, as bedside tables, as dining tables in tiny apartments, wherever your heart desires.

And since my mother loves antiques, I think this is just what we need for the room.

Here I’ve listed a row of antiquey demilunes and on the bottom row more modern/eclectic demilunes.

I am kind of obsessed with that mid-century Pier 1 tv stand for her (a bit of me should go in this space, right? Haa..) and I think it could pair well with the Anthropologie demilune table. Also, the white Kindel table.

The Wayfair piece is a nod in the more traditional direction she likes, and the Crate and Barrel is more modern and clean.

A correct mash up of modern and antique could be accomplished with any number of tables, and some offline scouting will be necessary. BUT I’m not going to rule out that Pier 1 tv stand. No ma’am. Picture it in a room with demilune #1 and #4. It would work just fine. And the square lines in our Target gold side tables would mimic the square design in the tv stand. Tying things together, baby!


Here I’ve incorporated the blue slipper chairs, target side tables, pier 1 tv stand, anthropologie demilune, animal print stools, acrylic coffee table, and persian rug into my room plan. The furniture added is not to scale. Just for visual reference. I rotated the rug horizontally instead of vertically. Here it fills the space better but I’m not sure what it will be like in the real life space.

The green blobs are plants 😀

*Price available upon request from dealer.

Hughes Mood Board

1d65I want to give my mother an eclectic, colorful space but maintain a traditional style, incorporating her love of antiques. As seen in the entry below, her space is bare, and while she has a lot of  reds and yellows in the room, they leave it looking cold and empty. Not warm and inviting. I’d like her to toss out that crusty old striped sofa and get a neutral beige sofa so we can add in a billion patterns and textures on the walls, floor, and in the chairs. The images here are great for showing how a boring beige sofa can be jazzed up with pattern (I believe all were sourced from here).

I can’t get this Farrow and Ball wallpaper out of my head. “It is a beautifully textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their nets” — Mother is obsessed with Japanese art so I thought a nod to Japan on the walls would be great! Whether or not she agrees has yet to be determined.


The wallpaper would just be on one wall, the wall with the sofa, across from the fireplace. To break up the wallpaper and add life/color we could add a gallery wall. A thought occurred to me to find a lot of paintings of Boston Terriers. Mom has 2. But that might prove to be a difficult task. She might really love that personalized touch! Something to discuss.

Her 1 of 2 requirements is the oversized plush sofa. I know she likes them to be skirted and I think that look will go well here. We have a 9×12 red Persian rug. I’d like to see REAL LIFE plants in the space. Mom is kind of fanatical about crystal lamps but I’m not. These are Target lamps. I like the shape and texture. 2 for $199 seems like a deal! 🙂  White will bring something modern to the room.

These are also Target side tables. I like the gold (which I’m sure she would too) and the shelf for storage. That will be good for stylish books and knickknacks.

I was thinking of some sort of slipper chairs to sit around the fireplace. Blue will pick up the blue in the rug and play off the orange in the walls (should we be bold enough to go that route). Also, fun stools in an animal print will provide extra seating when needed. Mom currently has a “jungle room” so animal print is high on her love list.

Other things we’ll need are an arm chair and something to house the tv. I’m not deadset on that coffee table but I know I do not want a wooden one for her.

So, what do you think? I guess it looks wild here in 2-D format but in my mind I see a beautiful eclectic space full of life and warmth ready to be sat in and enjoyed!




Hughes Living Room

Sometime ago I blogged about my mother’s house and some of the style choices she’s made that I’d love to get my hands on and change (ie., throw out!).

She has agreed to let me seriously work her space so I’ll be showing progress here.

I think it’s a large enough room, all she really uses it for is tv watching. During the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, she will have to seat family members after they stuff their faces. She’s never had enough sitting. We always haul in dining chairs from the kitchen…

Her demands are:

  1. Let the tv be in focus
  2. Have an over-stuffed cushy sofa

What I would like for her is new everything:

  1. Sofa
  2. Coffee table
  3. End tables
  4. A solution to house her tv
  5. More seating
  6. New window treatments
  7. Paint
  8. REAL plants

The room is about 16 x 19, around 300 sq. ft. We have a 9 x 12 rug lined up.


It pains me so…the fake plants, the dark colors, the drapes hovering above the floor, the way the furniture is slanted in the middle of the room??


I’ve only just begun but I’m already certain we’ll move the new sofa where she currently has the armoir, and put the armoir over on the far wall.

I was thinking slipper chairs in front of the fire place, and an arm chair in a fun print near the coffee table/sofa (near armoir/far side of room opposite the front door). I was also thinking a chair in the book shelf nook where she currently has her heinous tv. If I had my way tv would not exist. I hate those things!

Furniture to keep:

  1. Armoir (family antique)
  2. Grandfather clock
  3. Mirror over fireplace (rotate it vertical)

Now, all of this has to be done on a next to nothing budget so…stay tuned! 🙂


Dining room makeover

My new dining chairs have arrived!

I haven’t decided how I feel about them because I really would have rather had the vintage chairs but ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. I got these cheaper than the listing price during the President’s Day sale so I can’t argue with the price.

Quality wise? I am disappointed by the “velvet”. I mean, pfft. That’s not velvet. They do sit pretty comfortably though and that is important. I also like the blue with the marble, even if it isn’t the navy blue that I truly wanted. Isn’t sky blue supposed to be the color of the year or something? Or is that pink?


Since my credenza is due any day now, I moved this piece from the living room here to the dining room. You typically see another credenza or buffet in the dining room and while this is visually pleasing, I DON’T HAVE ANY DISHES. So, I’m not about to go out and buy another expensive piece for more storage for things I don’t need storing. This piece of furniture is very special to me. It was my first ever, bought for me for my very first apartment, and has been lovingly schlepped to and fro wherever I go.

I styled it with elements of blue, white, and brass. There’s nothing beautiful growing around my rental 😦 so I snipped some twigs for my vase. So resourceful!


There you have it! I’m trying to figure out if it’s really me and the aesthetic I’m going for. The drawing of the woman was done by me in 7th grade. I would have hung the mirror but it weighs 50 pounds and I was afraid the wall would fall down with my measly nail and hammer skills. That whole knock on the walls to find the stud? Pssh, that’s for suckers.

Of course, since my cabinet is 9 years old, it’s no longer available. It is from World Market so perhaps they’ll have something like it again. Isn’t this one beautiful? Or how about this?  Are you on a budget like me? Well, then how about this, this, or that?

The chairs are from here, here, or here. And the table is from here. Woohoo!