The house is mine.

Deposit down, lease signed in blood. You know how it goes.

Now to start pinning and plotting and obsessing over how I want to decorate MY HOUSE.

I’m going to treat this thing like I own it. Plant flowers and trees and paint the innards and collect and curate rooms…..oh it’s going to be swell!

mi casa soon to be su casa?

So, I started looking outside my comfort zone into an area of town where rent is cheap and people are more diverse. The feel is much more of a community: people tending to their yards, children playing outside, etc. My current neighborhood is more pristine with tree lined streets and well kept buildings and houses and while people are always out jogging and playing in the parks with their dogs, it doesn’t really feel like a community of home owners or neighbors.

But in this other bustling area of town the apartments are god awful. Rent is cheaper but the apartments are gross. I just cannot live in shambles. I can’t. I won’t. I’m not. I went in one that was smaller than what I currently have not and reeked of cat urine. And they wanted $800 for it. It was a shoe box! No way sir. No way. That’s over a $100 more than I pay now!

So then I took to craigslist and found the perfect house for LESS THAN $800 in an “up and coming” area of town. I’ve never been to the east side of Birmingham, or Eastlake, I actually always thought it was further away that it is, in podunkville, but it’s very close to downtown and hello, extremely affordable.

A lot of people are telling me it’s still too transitional for a small white girl to be moving to but I think they’re just racist dummies and I’m really hopeful my application goes through. It’s a craftsman style bungalow with 3 bedrooms, a living room with my beloved built-ins, a dining room and a laundry room, a basement, a screened in porch, a large backyard, a garage…are you picking up what I’m putting down? This is an awesome deal!

(Let’s pretend this is full of books and much loved knickknacks and not bad photoshopping…haha…. )


IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1858 IMG_1859

Enough natural light comes in by day to paint the living room white and go forward with my living room plan as best as the space will allow. The 2 blue chairs could flank the built-ins. I could plant hydrangeas and ferns out front and get pretty outdoor furniture for the porch. I mean, I’m getting ahead of myself. I only sent in my paperwork today.

I view an apartment in my current neighborhood on Wednesday with a balcony and w/d hookups. It’s the next best thing. And it’s $700/mo. So…for $100 more a few miles away I could have an entire house. Or in the pristine part of town where I’ve always lived, where I continue to be bored and meet no one and have no new life experiences or grow as a person…I could pay $700 and Iive in a 1 bd apartment.  Swell.

Oh yeah!

I don’t know you guys ….this rug thing is pretty crazy!!


Really loving Fringed Monteray Rug one! All the color! Definitely a hard decision. This or the Kosas from below. This has a lot more colors to work with, the other is primarily orange. This one is also double $$ the Kosas…thanks for that Anthropologie. :\


So I didn’t even know I was creating a trend in the entry below.

From a current curated look from One Kings Lane:

“Global Hacienda Style

Mid-century-inspired furniture. Vibrant, layered
pattern. Worldly details. We’re loving the character
these elements add to this airy, hacienda-style
home. No matter your architecture, it’s a colorful,
eclectic look that provides plenty of inspiration for
your own space.”

I have mid-century furniture! Well, chairs…. the first 3 items listed are elements of my design. …So, let’s just sign me up to decorate your house because clearly I’m on to something. Haha 😉


Just obsessing over

this Kilim rug on Overstock for 5 hundo. Is that a lot? Better than some rug prices!

I played around a bit……..

I could cover my yellow chairs blue, which I did intend to do.


The tiny van Gogh is a lot more representational of what I really own –a postcard from the Indianapolis Museum of Art. HA! I’ve always wanted a nude drawing…..I’d do it myself if I could but….

(I realize my pillow removing photoshopping skills are shameful…I did it hurriedly!!)

Orange paint

Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not a homeowner. I don’t know how I’d ever pick paint colors. How do you decide where you want to spend the next 20 years of you life much less what paint color you want to look at for the next 5 years? YIKES.

Last year I was obsessed with navy. I still like that but I also like white. I was reading up on white walls over at Emily Henderson’s blog and learned that unless you have south facing windows (and big ones that let in lots of light during the day) white paint isn’t for you. Good to know! Our current space never got painted. It could have been painted white. There was plenty of natural light throughout out the day. Emily says if you don’t have to turn on the lights during the day, you can have white walls.

I was picking up a prescription the other day and noticed this Vintage Beautiful magazine. I may have to go back and buy it (but gosh I have paid $10 for a bloody magazine!) because I cannot find any comparable images online (granted I am on blocked work internet…) There was a spread on orange walls and they were beautiful!!


(1, 2)

Especially with the antiques…and I’ve got plenty of those to go ’round. So that is something to think about in the next apartment! AND if I could find one before move out date, I could paint before I move in my furniture! Yeah buddy!


Also, I want this rug or something similar. The rug we currently have is 9×12 (I do believe) and well…….It is AMAZING but I sometimes wonder if it is too big? Especially considering the apartment is so small…it takes up all the floor space so there is no way to divide the room to designate other areas (if there were even room for it). I’m wondering if 8×10 would be better?

Here’s the living room scheme from a few months ago, with this sort of rug: livingroom2Definitely brightens up the place….

Moving on…

Well, it’s that time of year again.

I’ve decided that I do not want to continue residing in our sardine can of an apartment. I’ve looked at 2 places so far and they were abysmal. I hate the rent game in this town 😦

I was just looking on a whim at Ikea desks. How apartment space saving is this little number? All my books and supplies could go on the shelves! …yes…..


I’ve never been to Ikea and I do no own any Ikea furniture. I don’t know if it would mesh well with my current aesthetic?

I haven’t done a thing to spruce up the current space. Truth be told I’ve had quite a rough past couple of months receiving some rather disappointing health news and have slumped into a bit of a depression. The apartment is a pig spy. No one has been over. I see no reason to clean. 😦  But now with a move coming up, I can get jazzed all over again about decorating! Yay!