Thanksgiving 2015

So my kitchen wasn’t ready in time for my first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Big whoop. It turned out not to be a big deal at all. WHEW.

My mother came to help me cook (she made the turkey and dressing and I made the side dishes) and my father and step-mom came to visit and eat with us. It turned out really nice. All the warm and fuzzies!

I thought the desk-table looked pretty great and I stayed trued to my vision 🙂


The table is only a desk so it’s very small when you need to fit on a giant turkey platter, side dishes, and setting for 4. It didn’t all fit so the turkey sat elsewhere. I highly recommend this Real Simple brussel sprouts/kale with capers recipe.

The china cabinetmajig was perfect for the dessert (carrot cake). I got the Anthropologie plates and spruced it up with jackson vine. The pink flowers are from mom’s garden but she wasn’t sure what they are?


I was pleased with our colorful set-up. You know me- color color color! I’m not really a fan of the traditional (anything) fall colors of orange and brown at Thanksgiving. It’s oh so tired!!

Now to think how I want to decorate for Christmas. AH!


Lessons in painting

So, I don’t know why I assumed 2 cans of spray paint would cover 4 cabinets. I guess I thought spray paint went a LONG way. In case you’re as clueless as I am, and have obviously never spray painted ANYTHING in your life, let me fill you in…

It doesn’t go far. At all. In fact, those 2 cans didn’t even cover 1 cabinet’s exterior. I feel extremely disappointed in myself and in the progress I made this weekend in getting the cabinets painted. The Hedrix paint is $50 for 2 cans of paint. I’d need like what…$200 worth for just 1 cabinet? I’m not spending nearly $800 on spray paint. No freaking way. Especially not on a rental!

So, now I must move on to alternative #2. Latex paint.


The first color is pretty much the color of the spray paint I purchased and the 2nd is really the color I was after. So, may as well buy what we envisioned in the first place, eh?

I’m also after acrylic/lucite handles/pulls and of course you can’t waltz into Home Depot and buy them off the shelf. Everything I do has to be difficult! AHHHHH! I’ve found some online on etsy and ebay in small lots of 5 of 10 but they’re already sold. I can’t imagine orange cabinets with silver/chrome or gold handles and I do not want colored handles. It has to be clear. Has to be!!! I guess if I have to I could go gold…? Bleh.


The disaster in the making. Haha. You can see that the people who previously painted the cabinets black didn’t even bother to paint the interior. Real classy touch there. Really love it. Thanks guys! I just couldn’t imagine them white again though. Seems too sterile and clinical like a hospital, especially now that I’m doing white walls.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about what do about the countertops. I HATE the ugly white pieces of poo that are currently slapped on them (not even fitted properly!). I’ve been googling remnant locations in town. I’m not really a fan of granite but I think a cool piece of stone would be nice? I dropped by home depot and looked at laminate as a cheaper option.


I thought this might be cool. The orange flecks don’t match the coral paint but would match the sherbet paint if I switched to that shade? It also reminds me of colors in my rubber tree plant which I just got for the kitchen. Let us not forget PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS in every room 🙂 But then I don’t see it going well with the clear handles. So…yah I just need to look at lots of counter top color options!

Then an employee told me to go with remnants so…back to that idea? I’ll just have to go to the remnants yard (is that what they are?) and see what’s up. I can always take my little remnant with me when I move! I only need a 48″x 20something” piece. Nothing very large at all.



The neutral seat


1, 2, 3, 4

Out of these 3 choices as cheaper alternatives to #1, I like 3 best. But in my reading of the reviews it seems this chair is quite large, “large enough for me and my daughter to curl up in.” I have a tiny living room and don’t require gigantic chairs. I already have a ginormous chesterfield! But fear not, if true vintage isn’t in your budget there’s always some knockoff somewhere! These are from wayfair. They do have closer reproduction but they cost as must as the real deal! Silly.

I wouldn’t mind the middle chair ($280) if it were just a little lighter in color. That weird coffee/tweady color makes me think of sick offices and I can’t have that in my home. But if someone else had a neutral color palatte, I’m sure it’d be sweet!

(The intent here of course is to buy 2 chairs.)

MCM Chairs

I’ve been thinking about chairs (when am I NOT thinking about chairs. I love chairs. Chairs are my heart) and how I’m not sure about how much I love my thrones anymore. At least not in my living room. If I don’t do the bench idea in the dining room I can picture them under the windows there. Or in the guestroom. Or in my office. Yeah! …Clients need a place to sit, ay???

I’ve really been eyeballing these mid-century chairs.


They’re a more structured shape which I think I am lacking in my living room. Although some may say my living room is already incredibly uncomfortable (for them maybe, for me, I fall asleep in there all the time). I’m also dead tired of the yellow and really do want blue (hey, THOSE yellow have some wood on them…).  This cheapo option is from wayfair with the usual free shipping for $250 a pop. The other chairs are well over $600 plus $400 shipping. So….  I don’t know when that’ll happen. I’ll keep my eye out around town in the more retro shops and see if I can find real vintage chairs. I don’t really want fake vintage because my mix won’t be true. New couch + vintage chairs=happy me.

All other chairs may be found on chairish.



My mantle has changed but everything else is pretty much the same. Thrones in action! 😛

FullSizeRender (2)

Lady has since been moved here, and some other art is now on the mantle.

Kitchen progress

I don’t know about you but I HATE prep work. Like can we just paint this b*tch and be done with it! Washing all the grease off the walls, spackling all the nail/screw holes, priming all the dark gross old paint spots painters were too lazy to move the cabinets to get to….WORK. :|.

But I have finally reached the moment where I am able to paint. Yippee!!

Here’s progress thus far:


If you recall  this is the kitchen in move-in condition. Gross black (grease and dead roach filled) steel cabinets and fridge on the other side of the room.


When I took down the cabinets and counters I was met with lovely orange and green paint! Mmm mmm good. But the orange was inspirational, and as you can see by the paint choices in the previous entry, I’m going to try a coral orange on the cabinets.


Orange was a color fitting steel cabinets in the 40s-60s. Again, here is the color I have ordered.


It isn’t on that color chart but I hope it’ll be happy in the kitchen!


Doesn’t it look better already! 🙂 Don’t you love how they painted over every outlet. Do I just do that too?


Benjamin Moore Simply White

I will admit I didn’t do much research on what white paint to choose. Emily Henderson’s “Styled” book lists White Dove, Decorator’s White, and Super White as all good choices but I didn’t like beigey white dove and I don’t like SUPER duper white.

So, simply white it was! I think it’s juuuuust right 🙂


So now that that is out of the way, I can begin painting my entire house! Wahoo! Can I just tell you that I have 10 days to get my kitchen ready for Thanksgiving and I do NOT want to do it. Thank goodness it’s such a small space. Yesterday I purchased the paint. I haven’t even finished cloroxing the walls! 😦 And good god are they nasty. Painting the walls isn’t really what frightens me…

it’s those god awful metal cabinets. Against my better budget judgement I bit the bullet and paid for the color I was really yearning for. Peachy color orange! Gosh I hope it looks okay.


I also hope 2 of these will paint 2 uppers and 2 lowers because they’re nearly $50 for 2 cans! GAH! Better be amaaaazing paint! The local art store sells liquitex spray paint in this color (or close enough) I reckon I could spray all the outside parts and if I run out, I could go there and get paint to do the inside bits.  (Hedrix is sold at Home Depot but only online)

I have a rubber tree plant on its way and my Anthropologie dessert plates are supposed to be on my doorstep when I get home today! Yay! I hope my home is pretty enough for my family’s T-give visit 🙂


The nook

I have begun demolition (kidding, I didn’t demolish anything!!!!!!!!). All the cabinets have been removed and I’ve begun cloroxing the walls. Pictures to come!

I’ve been thinking about what should go into the nook. I don’t want to spend a lot of money in that tiny area. There’s a junk/thrift shop near my house that always has small tables for sale. I was thinking I could buy one of those and paint the top white to give it new life/make it more modern? I know some people paint a bit of the legs too when they do projects like that but I don’t know how I feel about that look?


The chairs are World Market and the table is one I randomly found on google images. I think something plain and simple would do the trick and usually you can find stuff like that at thrift stores. Those chairs are $158 for 2. At one point I think WM was running a sale $99 for 2.  I have a pretty floral painting I can hang above the table on the nook wall. I don’t have a lot of clutter to line the shelves yet. All in due time I reckon.

All of this renovation has to be completed within the next 2 weekends (by November 26: THANKSGIVING). I’m out of town this Saturday but Sunday I’ll go buy paint. That means every day after work I have to paint. I’m not concerned about the walls, that I can paint in a day. I’m most concerned about painting the blasted metal cabinets. AHH.

Beep beep bed room rugs

What to do, what to choose! Well, I know I need 8 x 10 and something funky/fun/blue. Of course, every rug I like is out of my budget. Gosh darnit. These are within reach though.


1/ 2/ 3/ 4

I don’t know about #3 exactly but something about the pattern makes me think of a painting. I appreciate its big bold blueness.  If I didn’t do the tassels on the bedding, it could be a possibility.

4 makes my heart sing. I’m really trying to pick something that would be in a 1940s-60s house and this rug…yes this rug does the trick!!! There is this lighter color alternative, too. Or this!


Kitchen woes

If you recall this is my unsightly

On the other side is an arch, with the breakfast nook and that is where the landlord has put the refrigerator.

I’ve been doing some reading on the kitchen “work triangle”. My kitchen is currently very ineffective in workflow. I mean, what is with this sparse cabinetry? We’ve already established I hate the steel cabinets (I tried to be enthused about it because I do love retro/vintage crap but they’re rustry and rotten and ugly and I hate those crap formica tops that someone just slapped on there and AH!)


Anyway, you want there to be a triangle of flow between the fridge, sink, and stove.

Here are my thoughts. Click to enlarge to read the text boxes.


First, remove that smaller counter/cabinet at the back of the kitchen near the door. Replace it with the fridge. Next, I can attempt to slide the stove to the left and put that smaller counter with the longer one on the other side of the stove to make one long counter top. And combine the 2 cabinets over that counter area. And viola, WORK TRIANGLE!

Then I could change out the hardware, add some plants, get a table for my now freed up nook, add a rug….. you betcha!

Ms. Color

Those plain side tables really threw me for a loop because I was thinking of something more ornate to paint blue. And when I saw those I thought “Oh how mid-century! They should be teak colored!” You know by now I’m a scatterbrain.

Now I’m wondering about an emerald sort of green.

I really wanted this fringe duvet bedding from Anthropologie but it is long gone/sold out. I love those colorful tassels!

tassle blue-velvet-headboard

Anthropologie/Emily Henderson

So with that out of the question, I set out to find new colorful bedding. I was looking for something with strands of color running through the bedding and have yet to come up with anything. 😐

I did find this Dwell bedding that I kind of fancy and thought would look good with DIY tassels attached. This is like the worst mock up EVER.


But I can kind of see it more now? Green night stands, get rid of my current run and put in a nice big BLUE rug (yeah bring in the blue!) and keep my tiger oak dresser (which will be the warm wood element). Or I could just leave off the tassels but I think they’d be fun and the element of color that I so love.

So that’s where my scatter brain is at today! Of course this room needs white paint like NOW but I don’t know when I’ll ever get to that 😦