More surfaces


This is not a desk you want to push against the wall. It’s both delightful form and useful function! Drawers in the back, shelves in the front.  This rustic wood would be a dream to own but at $2,000….I don’t think the decorating budget can cut that. Not with the sofa.

Onwards to cheaper, yet still beautiful, desks.  This past year (March 2013 – present) I have failed myself. Done myself a great disservice. As a graphic designer who wants to be an illustrator, I have done 0 personal work.

I blame that on the fact that my current desk space is a pile of clutter. There is no real work space and no comfortable chair to sit on.

In this new space, I am hoping to create a clean space where ideas will flow. So important to my happiness!


Yesterday, after writing this I felt pumped to “purge” my space. You can see (I shouldn’t even post this nastiness on the internet) how awful the office space really is (it was worse than this before I snapped the photo):


I have more art supplies than I know what to do with. My jute bags are overflowing with craft supplies. The desk is always covered up in “I don’t know where this goes. I’ll set it here for now” junk.

I recently read tips on how to stay clutter free. Instead of putting something on a clean surface to deal with later (i.e., never) make yourself assess the clutter and find a proper home for it. Our problem is we lack storage in these older historic apartments. Many more containers are needed!


Okay, it’s settled. Enough of the back and forth. While I like the round, this table fits my original vision: bottom shelf, glass (mirrored actually) top, and antique gold metal whatever table.



Now, onto the apartment search which I am dreading.

Just kidding, this one, if still available by the time I buy a table, is better.

Urban Outfitters

At nearly 30, I feel UO is too youthful a store for me to shop at but I get the emails so I thought I’d peruse the coffee tables.

One obsession to another…if I don’t get a dang coffee table soon I’ll burst.

I did see some pieces that I wouldn’t mind having. I’ve imagined the basic/larger pieces of the livingroom but I haven’t envisioned all the supporting details.


In all my years of adult life, I’ve never had a book case. Can you believe that? Pitiful. We have plenty of books and I have tons of art books it would be nice to display. I suppose the bottom left is more masculine than the upper right. I’m trying to figure out ways to get a gold glass coffee table while incorporating more masculine items, too.

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Coffee and cocktails

Oookay, so I’m still struggling over a coffee table. What kind to choose! I got the “pink” sofa so I feel that boyfriend should have some say in what we choose. He likes wood, I want to try glass. What to do!

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I actually really like the last round coffee table (hey, gold and glass!) which prompted me to search for ottomans. That was another requisite boyfriend had for a coffee table-must be able to prop feet up.

So, I’m still clueless but at least I have lots of options in wood to show him. I don’t want anything too stuffy because the goal of the living room is to be mature yet eclectic!



Oh yes, this could be nice!!



Finally, the sofa has arrived. It’s the biggest sofa I’ve ever seen and definitely the biggest I’ve ever had in my possession.  All the other furniture looks tiny next to it!  I’m so happy with the color and feel of it though. We’re not so sure we like how high it is off the ground, and maybe one day will see about getting different legs…but for now it is awesome!

I also found this coffee table on Overstock. I’m wondering how it would look in the room??? $200.


And on Target, is one for $500.


I learned something new today. The difference between a cocktail and coffee table. Cocktail tables are a couple inches higher than a coffee, and square or rectangular. Coffee tables are round. Who knew!

And better yet, this one is $520 AND is the look I was going for in the first place!




Coffee tables

The new sofa will be here TOMORROW! I’m nervous that I’m going to hate it and have to deal with it for years because of the hefty price tag. I hope it’s comfy. I can’t remember! I’m sure it will be beautiful! I have no idea what to do with the 2 other sofas I have. I wish I had the space/supplies to reupholster them! That is the dream.

So, for the longest time I’ve wanted a gold metal/glass top coffee table. Our current coffee table was a hand me down from some friends of boyfriend’s who were moving and didn’t want it anymore. It’s a boring piece of crap.

Before POC came into our lives, I’d always used this antique trunk as the coffee table. Time for a change!!

This glass top steel table is a steal at $79. Most of tables I like are $1000+


I’m wondering if it would be easy to paint it gold??




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