Credenza styling

It’s the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. And it’s all mine 😉

My credenza arrived on Wednesday after what seemed like a month long trek from Oregon to Alabama. Nearly…I purchased it on January 29, it shipped February 11, and it arrived February 24.


I threw all this up here to take a pretty styled photo and ended up liking it just as it was. You may recognize the Target lamp, and that vase is Target too.


A bit of vintage brass and a lot of scale here, with the tiny unicorn. I used to play the United States puzzle with my Grandfather. The turtle is sitting on a memory card game you probably played as a kid? Beautiful mid-century animal illustrations by Charley Harper.


My favorite styling books and a little Gustav held up by some vintage walruses! There’s a lot of warm colors working here: creams, reds, yellows…and then just a dash of cool with blues and greens coming in from the art work and books and the bowl (which is for keys and clutter).

I left my security camera in the photos for a bit of realism. Ha!

I’m so excited to have it! I ordered this piece off Etsy, like my tiny chairs. This is my 2nd online furniture purchase and while I hate the shipping cost…it seems to be worthwhile!!

The styling books on the credenza are:

Spruce (A lively upholstery book)
Dorothy Rodgers My Favorite Things (of Rodgers and Hammerstein)
The Perfectly Imperfect Home (the Bible!)
The Book of Decorating

and one I just received but haven’t found a home for but highly recommend if you love mid-century furniture like I do, Fifties House. There are pages and pages of inspiring photos, including my all time favorite house, The Miller House!

Next month I am taking another trip back to Los Angeles (it got its hold on me last September when we went to the desert!) and I’ll be touring the Eames House. I haven’t looked at any pictures because I want to be surprised by what I see. Looking forward to coming back as refreshed/renewed/inspired as last trip!

Sofa flanking floor lamps

I’ve been thinking about living room furniture arrangement and lighting now that I have a new piece on the way (mid-century credenza. Finally arriving on Wednesday!!)


2 lamps2lamps2lamps2

1, 2, 3

I make it a rule to never use overhead lighting. Lighting in rentals is always garbage.I know I could take the time and money to install pretty lighting in place of all of my ceiling fans and boob lights (what are those?) but I don’t really care about things like that. If I actually owned the house, sure. If I knew I was spending another year, maybe?

So I was thinking of ignoring my gas fireplace, placing the sofa in front of it and flanking it with matching floor lamps. I’m really warming up to the idea. I keep putting off painting the fireplace white because I’m lazy. I have the primer and paint. I cleaned the darn thing…


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

If I went with #9 I’m already 1/2 way there! I already own 1 of those lamps. 1-3, 9 are affordable Target options and the rest are varying prices. The #6 orbs are killer and #8 are pretty dang contemporary and sleek (Only $1,300 a lamp)!

Dining room makeover

My new dining chairs have arrived!

I haven’t decided how I feel about them because I really would have rather had the vintage chairs but ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. I got these cheaper than the listing price during the President’s Day sale so I can’t argue with the price.

Quality wise? I am disappointed by the “velvet”. I mean, pfft. That’s not velvet. They do sit pretty comfortably though and that is important. I also like the blue with the marble, even if it isn’t the navy blue that I truly wanted. Isn’t sky blue supposed to be the color of the year or something? Or is that pink?


Since my credenza is due any day now, I moved this piece from the living room here to the dining room. You typically see another credenza or buffet in the dining room and while this is visually pleasing, I DON’T HAVE ANY DISHES. So, I’m not about to go out and buy another expensive piece for more storage for things I don’t need storing. This piece of furniture is very special to me. It was my first ever, bought for me for my very first apartment, and has been lovingly schlepped to and fro wherever I go.

I styled it with elements of blue, white, and brass. There’s nothing beautiful growing around my rental 😦 so I snipped some twigs for my vase. So resourceful!


There you have it! I’m trying to figure out if it’s really me and the aesthetic I’m going for. The drawing of the woman was done by me in 7th grade. I would have hung the mirror but it weighs 50 pounds and I was afraid the wall would fall down with my measly nail and hammer skills. That whole knock on the walls to find the stud? Pssh, that’s for suckers.

Of course, since my cabinet is 9 years old, it’s no longer available. It is from World Market so perhaps they’ll have something like it again. Isn’t this one beautiful? Or how about this?  Are you on a budget like me? Well, then how about this, this, or that?

The chairs are from here, here, or here. And the table is from here. Woohoo!

Dude, so brutalist!

It makes sense that a love of mid-century furnishings would introduce me to new pieces and movements within/from the period.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into each and every piece I want to put into my home. While it may seem that all I do is concentrate on the living and dining rooms, I have spent considerable time looking at bedding and night stands for my bedroom. It’s just so hard for me to nail down the right look. I’ve been drawn to chunky night stands for sometime and the other day it hit me:

Brutalist furniture.

Wiki says; Brutalist architecture is a movement in architecture that flourished from the 1950s to the mid-1970s, descending from the modernist architectural movement of the early 20th century. The term originates from the French word for “raw” in the term used by Le Corbusier to describe his choice of material béton brut (raw concrete).

Le Corbusier designed one of my favorite modern houses, the Villa Savoye.  Anyway, the style of Brutalist furniture complements the massive, fortress-like characteristics of the architecture with square, chunky wood pieces in a darker color palette (Chairish).

So you can understand why I was drawn to it…that 70s vibe really got me. You can find Brutalist nightstands and credenzas painted in a variety of colors and while I kind of hate when people paint vintage furniture, I kind of love the look here!

The down side is that Brutalist pieces are so dang freaking expensive. A pair of night stands will set you back nearly a grand. The day this idea dawned on me I went to my local Craigslist and would you believe it? Someone in a local neighborhood was offering a bed, dresser AND my much needed nightstands for $900. But the creep wouldn’t separate the suite for me. What a loser. You hear me out there in internet world? L-O-S-E-R!!!!

I have found some on etsy for cheap, I’m just being cheap and not wanting to pay shipping.

But when I do get my hands on a pair I will lacquer them in white like so:


It’s funny the other day I said I’d never own light colored furniture and I totally already own this linen upholstered bed from World Market! I highly recommend it.

Lamps/ Nudey/ West Elm Duvet/ Rug

Options for nightstands: 1 /2 / 3 / 4 /5

From what I gather, research terms like Paul Evans (I reckon he was a key designer), brutalist (duh), cubist, lane, drexel…nightstands/end tables/side tables.

Gimme a hand….chair.

A 1960s Pedro Friedeberg hand chair ranges from $800 to $30,000. You know I’m not packing $30,000 chair heat so when I found this $300 wooden one, methinks, yes?

They look good in any manner of decor. I especially like them in gold.


Look at this light blue velvet (or is that lavender?)! I just ordered the dining chairs in the previous entry in this color! We could put our wooden chair in the dining room!



(Images from google.)

Thoughts on the hand chair? They’re hard to find!

Here’s one on Anthro for a $1000.

Choosing a dining chrome chair

I initially wanted a blue upholstered Hans Wegner “round chair” for my tulip table but the more I peruse the chair world the more I don’t think wood is for me?

It’s no secret I’m a big ol’ fan of unique chairs so my search led me to mcm/70s velvet chrome seats. The thing is with buying vintage, there will be imperfections (like here some of the velvet is thin and breaking) and there will be shipping costs. I could drive to Ohio (8 hours away) to inspect these and save $400 on shipping (the chairs are $485)….




Or I could go the wayfair route and spend about $300 with free shipping. They aren’t a totally awesome unique shape  but I do like the way back curves nor are they a navy blue like I’d like BUT I think they would look fine with my table? Thoughts? We can still achieve modern glam/70s/plant heaven with these chairs.

I did want to have vintage chairs with the table but….I’d also like to not go broke. This is really a great deal. 4 chairs are included in the price!


All the vintage chairs can be found on chairish. Aren’t the yellow Milo Baughman ones great? If you want to spend 3,200 bucks! Noooo thanks.

The modern choices are lacking in unique features.

#4 wins here on the unique fun factor with the high back but there’s no way of knowing if the faux leather material is crap until you order. They are 2 for $200.

The 2 chairs in the middle are rather pricey, 5 hundo a chair, but you do get some upholstery options! I’d suggest going vintage in this instance. If you’re going to spend big bucks new, get something cool in a unique style! You’ll know the craftsmanship is there.

#1? I just like that curvy leg base. Something those skinny leg b’s don’t have 😉




#7 could be way fun and chic for the right house and table, though mine isn’t it! I also really love the shape of #8. If only they were blue and velvet! Those back legs are really struttin’!

Look for velvet upholstery or unique legs. That’s your ticket to a beautiful chrome dining chair.

Dream room inspiration and etsy shopping


It’s very easy for me to lose track of my own style and taste when I’m inundated with white rooms full of pristine white furniture on every design blog and every furniture website. I start to think “yes, I want that!” and then I remember “no! That isn’t practical to my life and I love COLOR.”

My first “adult” sofa post college was a pale yellow and my god that thing was SO DIRTY by the time I got my berry pink chesterfield. I’ll never know how people keep light color furniture clean.


(I’ve come a long way since this room I think. I do still have the chair and those giraffes from the shelf.)

Last night, after looking at coffee tables for literally HOURS I decided to look at images of chesterfields to find inspiration and I was brought back to life by this image.

I don’t have to lose my love of color or my love of vintage. This room marries new pieces (the sofa, the rug, the daybed) with vintage pieces (the chairs, the side tables (?), the lamps), so seamlessly. And look how many colors are going on in this room:

  1. green
  2. blue
  3. yellow
  4. gold
  5. black
  6. brown
  7. white

Love it.

I highly suggest you read this article on Marisa Tomei’s apartment. You know I’m crazy loving these vintage chairs. Again, I couldn’t do the white furniture and rugs but those vintage chairs and that sofa? YAS QUEEN (haha).


Even Marisa shops like us: the floor lamp was found on Etsy, the painting was found on eBay.




I got word that my credenza is on its way! Headed from the good on Pacific Northwest USA. I didn’t tell you I was getting the credenza from a few entries ago but I couldn’t help myself and ordered it. Which brings me to…


Here are some items I’ve got my eyes on. I wish the Jesus bust was large like I’m tricking you here on this plant stand. In reality he’s a mere 4×2″. Sad. I really hate paying shipping but etsy is still the best at finding unique treasures like this so if you don’t make the site a regular for your antiquing/vintage searching I suggest you give it a go!


Here’s the credenza that’s making its trek to me. And this (x2) is the chair I got right before the new year from etsy. I’m still on the hunt for the right fabric to get them recovered. I still really love the green (it’s velvet!) but I haven’t gone to the store to see it in person.


Here’s a round glass table I found (not quite sure about it) with this rug I’m drooling over. Spend my taxes on my bills or on this rug? HA!

I’ll leave you with this last bit of inspiration, taken from a 1953 Home & Garden’s Complete Guide to Interior Decoration


And this screen cap from Here’s Lucy.