So, we went to West Elm Saturday to check out the Terrace Table (this entry) only of course they didn’t have it in stock. Then when they told us the measurements (NO I HADN’T CONSIDERED MEASUREMENTS BEFORE) I had a sneaking suspicion that it was too small for our giant chesterfield.

Got home and measured and sure enough, it’s too small. It’s even 1 inch SHORTER than our current piece of junk table. WAH!

The coffee table gods do not like me. I am at my wit’s end over this thing! LIke what the heck kind of table are we supposed to get! Every table I love is too short. We need a table that is 18-20″ high. Not 14-17! I even contemplated switching out the legs but um, no. This new sofa cost me mega bucks and I’m not about to start taking it apart to switch out its legs. The right table will come along or we just won’t have a coffee table! How about that!

:\ I suppose it is important to note that I am on a coffee table budget. Sure there are plently of 18-20″ tables out there that are beautiful but they cost $1,000+. I’m looking to stay under $300. Maybe that’s dumb though. Maybe we ought to just get a super nice one? I mean, it is central to the way we use the livingroom (feet, papers, magazines, sometimes dinners in front on the telly —but I was hoping to change all that).