One room, three ways

I mentioned I was helping someone decorate her space?

Well, my client has downsized from a 1900s two-story to a 1950s one-story rancher. She has worlds of beautiful french antiques but so many of them are so big and out of character for her new digs. But we love them and we have to make them work in the new space!! You can’t get rid of French antiques!

She has a range of tastes which has made my job a little tricky– I mean I primarily love a certain type of mid-century. It mixes so well with all other styles. She does NOT like mid-century (womp womp) so it’s been interesting working with a mix of antiques and new furniture that is made to look antique.

2 styles she knows she loves are French Country and Beachy. Her last home was a little more refined so we’re going to hopefully have this new space a bit more relaxed and reflective of her tastes in this new chapter of her life.

She ordered a caned bed from Ballard Designs back in February but after two manufacturing delays has decided to pursue other beds. Cue me! Here are 3 rooms I’ve showed her to get the ball rolling on her bedroom.

She already owns the 2 side tables (or something very similar) and the rug.

To orient you in the space — There are little windows near the ceiling above the bed. If you are facing the bed, there is a large window to your left, a large closet to your right, and patio doors directly behind you. The room is a complete blank canvas: white walls!

These are just first go-rounds! Don’t forget you can zoom in. I always make these things like 30 inches big because I love zooming in to all the details 🙂


Initially we were talking about a super lady like room. We had this cane bed on order in white but we hadn’t nailed down any details. She has a settee similar to the one shown (smaller) that will need to be reupholstered. It could sit at the foot of the bed with a cute side table for a space to relax/read. We were struggling to nail down the right dresser. She really wants a dresser with a lot of storage (ie lots of drawer space). I love this metal dresser! It has a design printed all over and goes well with the two antique side tables.

The dresser possibly could fit on the window wall or if the right size, on the wall with the patio doors. No idea about bedding at the moment or what the sofa upholstery might be. There are a lot of colors in the rug!


This room is a little more French Country/ a collected space. Obviously you’d have to go to Provence and collect lavender for your FC room! We have rattan, metal, stripes, an empire dresser that is actually brand new from Ethan Allan, lots of room to layer and layer for a cozy hideaway!


Lastly, to incorporate more of her love of the beach, and get that caned bed back, I went this route! She has a trumeau mirror like the one tucked away back there. It would not go there but you get it (hopefully). I love those striped chairs!! I was hoping the light wood in the dresser would pick up the light weave in the caning on the bed. Would it be too on the nose to have an ocean picture above the bed? She has a large floral oil painting similar to the one shown. I don’t know, is this room my favorite (prob because of those chairs, hah)??

For blog’s sake, which style is your fave?

Room 1: bed/ dresser/ white table/ primitive chair/ table lamps/ sconces 

Room 2: bed/ empire dresser/ rattan settee/ striped chair/ round side table/ sconses

Room3: bed/ dresser/ chairs/ brass lamp with cloth shade/ brass lamp