E-terior designer

I applied for an e-terior design position. They didn’t like my work but I did so I’m posting it here.

The sample brief read something like, client wants an eclectic/bohemien space with a new sofa, rug, and all the fixin’s. She wanted it to look collected over the time. Likes modern furniture as well as vintage pieces. I had several real room snap shots of a badly lit room to look at and $5000 to spend and was to create a visual representation of my room idea to show the client.

Here is what I sent in. Now, I did get lazy and did not recreate a lot of stuff in the room. Like behind the sofa in the actual house was the kitchen. I didn’t want to recreate the kitchen. I don’t know if my laziness cost me the job or if my lack of formal training in interior design was the culprit (let’s go with that). Anyway, I know I would have been great for the job. Your loss, ——-.

Behind the chairs was a fireplace and built-ins and on the wall was a built-in bar. In the original set up, the sofa was up to the bar, and the chairs backed to the patio doors. I thought that was bad flow and rearranged. All the empty space in the back is where the real life kitchen was but like I said, I didn’t want to draw all that in!

I thought the room had a richness, and definitely looks global and collected. And there are enough elements for boho. The foundation is certainly there. You don’t have to do jewel tones to have boho. I’m not sure if they knew that or not. Oh well! If you’re proud of your work and stand by it, I think that is all that matters 🙂

If you’d like links for any of these products, please let me know. The sofa is ikea, chairs chairish, mirrors, rug, and tiny credenza are one kings lane. The pillows and table lamp are target. The black framed art is minted. The large print is lola donoghue. The pouf, floor lamp, and book ends are World Market. The marble coffee table is West Elm. And the side table is Anthropologie. The flower pot is Modernica. and The fur acrylic table was in the client photos.



Plants for my bungalow

I have nothing new going on with my home decorating. My LA trip is in 17 days so money is tight. I’ve been thinking of paint and buffets still. I most recently have been thinking of velvet drapes for the living room. An extra layer of texture and added funk. I was thinking deep purple (aubergine?) but the internet has turned up no such drapery.

I did buy a few mini plants because I want to remove everything from my built-ins and have a solid plant wall! That will be so dreamy. I restyled the shelves with some of my books and knick knacks. I thought I had a lot of animals but now that I have these shelves to fill, I am at a loss for what to put in them! The shelves are a horrible height for books, hardly any of mine will stand. So I’ve resorted to laying some books, some pictures, and some of my animal collection. And of course the plants! I need more plants! More more more!

I only tackled one built-in. The other is a pitiful excuse for shelvery. That isn’t a word.


A friend most recently sent me the Staffordshire dogs. I have been wanting a pair for ages and now I have them! They’re so cute!! I’ll definitely be adding more plants and succulents to these shelves as months go by.

Oh my gosh, I’ve just found the best thing ever. If I could remove these shelves, I could definitely have a plant wall with these planters from woolly pocket!


How stinkin’ amazing!plantswall

In other news, about 2 weeks ago, my heart was broken and dreams were crushed when I happened upon a thrift store in my new neighborhood and inside was a record player for $14. FOURTEEN DOLLARS, PEOPLE. I died. Let’s ring this up, take it away, Joe. What? It’s sold! How could this be! This is the “buffet” my beautiful mid-century eclectic pad needs!


I didn’t care that it needed new handles or the record player probably didn’t work. It was $14 and the detailing was perfection! I keep going back but nothing yet comes close to this score. That lucky loser who got this piece! Gah! I hate you! 😛