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My Dream Dressing Room

Don’t you wish our homes still had separate hers and his dressing rooms? I’m content to dress myself  without the help of a ladies’ maid (I wonder if Jim would like a valet?) but the idea of your own little oasis, surrounded by luxurious fabrics and all your lovely possessions sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Maybe only to fashionistas and clothes horses but as someone with a growing collection of dresses and a towering hoard of shoes, I think it’s worth exploring! And since not all of us live in homes with walk-in closets let’s just imagine what a dream closet might look like.

I was approached to create a mood board for my dream dressing room and I knew instantly where I’d store that hoard of shoes. And I went spinning from there.



I’ve had a shoe cabinet in mind since I saw this image in Elle Decor a few years ago. In 2014, I began saving my shoe boxes whenever I bought a new pair of shoes. It acted as sort of a filing system (you can see exactly what you have via the label and branding on the box) and it was a way to protect my shoes from being crushed in the bottom of the closet. It also saved me from digging through a mound of shoes looking for a mate to make a pair. But after a while shoe boxes begin to take up A LOT of closet space.

I am also really guilty of buying high heels just because I think they look pretty. I have several pairs I’ve never even worn because oh my god the pain but I just can’t return them. They’re little works of art! And those are the sort of shoes I’d want to take out of the boxes, walk into my dream closet, and admire. “Hello lover! Good to see you! Lookin’ good in that case!”

I think it’s important to think about how you get dressed. I plan my outfits in the evenings so when my room started to come together I wanted it to look best at night. I chose a wallpaper that I thought would reflect the light in an interesting way and chose lighting elements with prisms to add to the fun.

Here’s what I came up with! A sort of Art Deco meets 1970s, dark, textural space. Jewel tone colors mixed with brass, burled walnut, velvets, and fur. You know– all my faves!


(click to enlarge!)

The closet: I mostly wear dresses so I want my closet to be a long rod that takes up a large expanse of wall space. I want my dresses to be able to hang freely. I don’t like the idea of folding a lot of my clothing into drawers plus I’d have a dresser in my bedroom for anything ordinary like jeans and tops. This room is for the GOOD STUFF. This system from Restoration Hardware is straightforward and goes right on the wall.


These are a few of my favorite dresses, a mix of vintage and store bought. You can see I love pattern and embellishment!


The shoe cabinet: This cabinet is an Art Deco piece with amazing burled walnut wood, 2 shelves, and 3 drawers. It’s currently sold but it is definitely the sort of cabinet I’d want to display my shoe collection! I love the idea of showcasing my prettiest and most colorful shoes on the shelves, and hiding away the everyday flats and sandals in the drawers.


Here’s a small sampling of my favorite heels I have with me in the garage apartment. I left most of my shoes at my mother’s until Jim and I are in a more permanent residence. I have this one pair of orange heels that are killer (literally) that would be so good in a shoe cabinet like this!

The lighting: Arhaus has a some really great Art Deco inspired pendant lighting. While I like all the dark colors in the room,  I need the dressing space to be well-lit. There is nothing worse than getting ready in the dark. And in this smart phone age of wanting to snap selfies you want good lighting in your dressing room!

I chose one central pendant to hang in the center of my room.
Two smaller pendants to hang over my shoe cabinet to light it up, because it’s the major player in my space.
And a fun Art Deco style floor lamp for added ambiance and illumination.

For my splash of 70s I have task lighting with this tubular floor lamp from Restoration Hardware. I think it looks pretty dang great with that chaise!

Of course I love how all of it is brass! 😀

The wallpaper:  I found this Hygge & West wallpaper and knew it would look  great with all my Art Deco inspired light bouncing off the black and gold when I plan my outfits at night. It’s sort of Moroccan with the ogee shape. I think that sort of adds to the 70s vibe. Maybe it’s that lava lamp effect. But at the same time this wallpaper is modern and fresh so it keeps us in 2017.

The seating: The vintage chaise is so necessary when I think of a dressing room. Plop down and relax with your pretty things. So I surrounded myself with luxurious fabrics like velvet and brocade and colors I find calming like the jewel tones. A chaise is also great because you can toss all your “I have nothing to wear!” clothes on it while you’re getting ready!

There’s an old feel to this space with the dark colors. I needed to liven it up with pops of white and I wanted something modern too.  Why in the heck are teens getting all this lamb fur seating over at RH?  I’m glad I found it because this white fur swivel chair is great!!  A little bit of glam for my dressing room.

I needed even more white so I added a tulip table. It’s good to have table space in any room. I like how much of a knock-off this one is. It’s so chunky! What’s up with that? I’m digging it. This casual piece brings my room down a peg. I don’t want a stuffy space.

The drapery: It’s impossible to say whether your designated closet/dream room would have windows if you don’t currently live in the space. In my dream scenario/world I do! So I need drapes. And I want heavy duty, lined, black out, thick as thieves, brocade velvet drapes. Make ’em puddle on the floor! We’re going all the way. I found this on Pinterest. 15th century Italian brocade. There’s something similar today, I know it.

The mirror: How you gonna see what you look like without a full length mirror! In the garage apartment we’re staying in now, I don’t have a mirror. It’s rough.  I’m not outfit planning. I leave home without knowing what my full self looks like.  For special occasions I’ll have Jim take my picture so I can see my entire outfit. That might work for Cher Horowitz but I’m not so much a fan. The mirror is a better/easier option. I chose the trifold/three panel mirror so you get all angels of your glorious self.

This screen would make a great mirror! I love the shape! Just replace the glass. Super 70s! Oo la la.

The rug: This awesome jewel tone rug sets off the black wallpaper. I also like this one. It’s vintage which I love. The circles somewhat repeat the ogee motif on the wall. Without it the space would be all neutrals but the rug brings it all home.

So there you have it! My shoe cabinet, Art Deco/splash of 70s, moody dreamy dream dressing room! Where I could go gaze upon my favorite dresses, say hi to my pretty shoes, and plan out my outfits for the days ahead.

Here are some shoe cabinets that are available for purchase. Some vintage, some new.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,  17, 18, 19, 20

Tell me what you think! What would you have in your dream dressing room!?



Heeey you guys!

A friend of mine who lives a million and one miles away asked me about decorating his space which prompted me to think…well, why can’t I offer virtual design?

I mean it’s dang 2017 and everyone else is doing it! I kid.

But I don’t know…maybe someone like you will click and utilize the service 🙂 It’s there now. YAY! 🙂

And it’s no different from what I already do here, I’ll just being doing it for you, the client. Creating floor plans, designing a room mock up, creating a picture shopping list. You can read about it here.

Let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!

I am glad 2016 is over. While people gripe about losing beloved musicians and actors, I was more concerned with my own existence not going according to plan. 2016 was a tough one, full of depression and disappointments. I did travel to LA in March which was wonderful but aside from that? See ya ’16.

This new year is bittersweet for me. Another year of life over. Since my year was mostly spent being depressed, I feel really bad about the time I wasted. That’s a year of life I’ll never get back. In 3 months, I’ll be 32. THIRTY-TWO. I just want to see some of my goals completed. That would make me happy.

I am working on a decoration project with a real life person! YAY. She’s moving into a new house and has asked me to decorate. 😀  I’ll post photos when I can.

I hope your dreams come true this year. Onward to a prosperous new year!

Dude, so brutalist!

It makes sense that a love of mid-century furnishings would introduce me to new pieces and movements within/from the period.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into each and every piece I want to put into my home. While it may seem that all I do is concentrate on the living and dining rooms, I have spent considerable time looking at bedding and night stands for my bedroom. It’s just so hard for me to nail down the right look. I’ve been drawn to chunky night stands for sometime and the other day it hit me:

Brutalist furniture.

Wiki says; Brutalist architecture is a movement in architecture that flourished from the 1950s to the mid-1970s, descending from the modernist architectural movement of the early 20th century. The term originates from the French word for “raw” in the term used by Le Corbusier to describe his choice of material béton brut (raw concrete).

Le Corbusier designed one of my favorite modern houses, the Villa Savoye.  Anyway, the style of Brutalist furniture complements the massive, fortress-like characteristics of the architecture with square, chunky wood pieces in a darker color palette (Chairish).

So you can understand why I was drawn to it…that 70s vibe really got me. You can find Brutalist nightstands and credenzas painted in a variety of colors and while I kind of hate when people paint vintage furniture, I kind of love the look here!

The down side is that Brutalist pieces are so dang freaking expensive. A pair of night stands will set you back nearly a grand. The day this idea dawned on me I went to my local Craigslist and would you believe it? Someone in a local neighborhood was offering a bed, dresser AND my much needed nightstands for $900. But the creep wouldn’t separate the suite for me. What a loser. You hear me out there in internet world? L-O-S-E-R!!!!

I have found some on etsy for cheap, I’m just being cheap and not wanting to pay shipping.

But when I do get my hands on a pair I will lacquer them in white like so:


It’s funny the other day I said I’d never own light colored furniture and I totally already own this linen upholstered bed from World Market! I highly recommend it.

Lamps/ Nudey/ West Elm Duvet/ Rug

Options for nightstands: 1 /2 / 3 / 4 /5

From what I gather, research terms like Paul Evans (I reckon he was a key designer), brutalist (duh), cubist, lane, drexel…nightstands/end tables/side tables.

Gimme a hand….chair.

A 1960s Pedro Friedeberg hand chair ranges from $800 to $30,000. You know I’m not packing $30,000 chair heat so when I found this $300 wooden one, methinks, yes?

They look good in any manner of decor. I especially like them in gold.


Look at this light blue velvet (or is that lavender?)! I just ordered the dining chairs in the previous entry in this color! We could put our wooden chair in the dining room!



(Images from google.)

Thoughts on the hand chair? They’re hard to find!

Here’s one on Anthro for a $1000.

Choosing a dining chrome chair

I initially wanted a blue upholstered Hans Wegner “round chair” for my tulip table but the more I peruse the chair world the more I don’t think wood is for me?

It’s no secret I’m a big ol’ fan of unique chairs so my search led me to mcm/70s velvet chrome seats. The thing is with buying vintage, there will be imperfections (like here some of the velvet is thin and breaking) and there will be shipping costs. I could drive to Ohio (8 hours away) to inspect these and save $400 on shipping (the chairs are $485)….




Or I could go the wayfair route and spend about $300 with free shipping. They aren’t a totally awesome unique shape  but I do like the way back curves nor are they a navy blue like I’d like BUT I think they would look fine with my table? Thoughts? We can still achieve modern glam/70s/plant heaven with these chairs.

I did want to have vintage chairs with the table but….I’d also like to not go broke. This is really a great deal. 4 chairs are included in the price!


All the vintage chairs can be found on chairish. Aren’t the yellow Milo Baughman ones great? If you want to spend 3,200 bucks! Noooo thanks.

The modern choices are lacking in unique features.

#4 wins here on the unique fun factor with the high back but there’s no way of knowing if the faux leather material is crap until you order. They are 2 for $200.

The 2 chairs in the middle are rather pricey, 5 hundo a chair, but you do get some upholstery options! I’d suggest going vintage in this instance. If you’re going to spend big bucks new, get something cool in a unique style! You’ll know the craftsmanship is there.

#1? I just like that curvy leg base. Something those skinny leg b’s don’t have 😉




#7 could be way fun and chic for the right house and table, though mine isn’t it! I also really love the shape of #8. If only they were blue and velvet! Those back legs are really struttin’!

Look for velvet upholstery or unique legs. That’s your ticket to a beautiful chrome dining chair.

Dream room inspiration and etsy shopping


It’s very easy for me to lose track of my own style and taste when I’m inundated with white rooms full of pristine white furniture on every design blog and every furniture website. I start to think “yes, I want that!” and then I remember “no! That isn’t practical to my life and I love COLOR.”

My first “adult” sofa post college was a pale yellow and my god that thing was SO DIRTY by the time I got my berry pink chesterfield. I’ll never know how people keep light color furniture clean.


(I’ve come a long way since this room I think. I do still have the chair and those giraffes from the shelf.)

Last night, after looking at coffee tables for literally HOURS I decided to look at images of chesterfields to find inspiration and I was brought back to life by this image.

I don’t have to lose my love of color or my love of vintage. This room marries new pieces (the sofa, the rug, the daybed) with vintage pieces (the chairs, the side tables (?), the lamps), so seamlessly. And look how many colors are going on in this room:

  1. green
  2. blue
  3. yellow
  4. gold
  5. black
  6. brown
  7. white

Love it.

I highly suggest you read this article on Marisa Tomei’s apartment. You know I’m crazy loving these vintage chairs. Again, I couldn’t do the white furniture and rugs but those vintage chairs and that sofa? YAS QUEEN (haha).


Even Marisa shops like us: the floor lamp was found on Etsy, the painting was found on eBay.




I got word that my credenza is on its way! Headed from the good on Pacific Northwest USA. I didn’t tell you I was getting the credenza from a few entries ago but I couldn’t help myself and ordered it. Which brings me to…


Here are some items I’ve got my eyes on. I wish the Jesus bust was large like I’m tricking you here on this plant stand. In reality he’s a mere 4×2″. Sad. I really hate paying shipping but etsy is still the best at finding unique treasures like this so if you don’t make the site a regular for your antiquing/vintage searching I suggest you give it a go!


Here’s the credenza that’s making its trek to me. And this (x2) is the chair I got right before the new year from etsy. I’m still on the hunt for the right fabric to get them recovered. I still really love the green (it’s velvet!) but I haven’t gone to the store to see it in person.


Here’s a round glass table I found (not quite sure about it) with this rug I’m drooling over. Spend my taxes on my bills or on this rug? HA!

I’ll leave you with this last bit of inspiration, taken from a 1953 Home & Garden’s Complete Guide to Interior Decoration


And this screen cap from Here’s Lucy.


The Coffee Table Post


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

You have to ask yourself, what type of room are you looking to create? Sometimes I get sidetracked by all this pretty gold and glass but I don’t know that it really goes with my overall “zen, bohemian, modern glam” vibe. I suppose it does fit the “modern glam” bill. That must be why I’m so drawn to it. My style is really an eclectic mess.

After posting yesterday’s entry I got an email about how “in” acrylic is. Well, how nice. I’ve been wanting a glass table like #4 for a long time but in the end I don’t know if it would go with the new chairs once they’re recovered in the green velvet or with the credenza I want to get. I don’t want to go too heavy with wood either, which is why I like my Moorish coffee table because it’s a mix of bling and wood. I kind of like #2, the vintage rattan and glass table but am I a really a boho gal? Plus, I have my eye on this Target mirror. I don’t want to go too heavy on the rattan, ya know?

The scene I’ve been slowly building in my head over the course of this blog is a foundation of 50-60s (mid century) furniture with a 70s feel (warm colors mixed with lots of plants). Which again supports the “zen, bohemian, modern glam” style. I was drawn to the rattan because it reads 70s to me.

But between all my chairs, I cannot picture the dream coffee table. Maybe I need a basic one that just disappears into the space? (The glass/acrylic would definitely do that.) But all my furniture is bought with purpose and each piece is loved. I can’t just buy any old piece of crap?

Out of all the choices here, I keep leaning to #1. I like that it’s a lot larger than my current table, and the bottom shelf offers storage for books and knickknackery. At $739 that’s a good deal more than I’d like to spend but…

Velvet beats

I don’t know what it is but I have a serious crush on velvet chairs.


While perusing King Cotton, I found this fabric that I believe my new chairs would look lovely in. Now, I know I said I wanted a black and white funky print but…I changed my mind? This material would go with any number of color sofas should I ever get rid of my pink chesterfield.


My heart swoons over this credenza. I’ve got my eye on it. But anyway, the fabric! I’m digging it. Thoughts? Sometimes I really wish I didn’t have a pink sofa but what can you do. Especially when you’re still paying for the darn thing! I still need to update my pillows to these yellow numbers.

I got bored the other day and rearranged my living room. It’s not the best set up but golly gee whiz did it open up the space!


Last night I was looking at coffee tables but I have no idea what I’d get. I had the hardest time choosing the Moorish one. Part of me wants an all glass one, part of me wants a glass/gold but then I think that’s too dainty/girl…I really don’t have a clue.

Maybe I ought to do a coffee table post!