Coffee table beginnings

It’s here! I thought I’d never choose a table!

I have lost sight of the electric room I had in mind. Now I just have a super old lady space! I think the rug is partially to blame but we’re certainly not getting rid of it. I’m hoping that painting will help (BLUE!) and I of course need to get the 2 new yellow chairs reupholstered. Initially I was thinking blue, then I thought orange, then I thought green stripes, now I’m just clueless.

I think some funky pillows could add randomness and color. I don’t know! I’m just glad I got the table and the iron bed. Those were my primary goals. As soon as the Christmas tree comes down, I’m painting this B! Not rolling into 30 with doody green walls.



When the tree does come down, we’re going to have so much space! AH! We seriously need a desk, to hide oodles of cables and cords, and so I can actually do some graphic design work at home. Not having a creative space has turned me into a mindless-tv-watching-at night zombie. I don’t want to waste my evenings on Hulu.

Anyhow, the table is from domino and is A LOT smaller than what we had before. I’m hoping this means less clutter and trash in the living room. The old table was a dumping ground for everything. Not anymore! I’m not sure how to style it out my current belongings. Here is an art book, a magazine, a candle, and an animal figurine. Zzzzz.

I also want to get rid of Monster Phil (look at that thing!) and get a fiddle fig! Last spring I missed my chance. Not happening this time!

Deck the halls


I had a few branches of tree trimmings left over so I made a garland. The center isn’t perfectly center which irks me but I hope it’ll be fine for the shindig/rest of December.

Creating the wreath and garland was so easy! All I did was was snip bits of twigs off a larger branch and lay them in a circle (wreath) or line (garland). I had some left over brown string (like crafty twine?) and tied the branches together in several places. Place a few red berries/holly twigs here and there and boom. Christmas.

Yesterday, we settled the headboard/footboard dilemma and went with just a headboard. It should arrive sometime after Christmas. WAHOO!!  I was thinking a little bench at the foot of the bed might be nice! Time to google and obsess over something else!

Small things

So, the coffee table is ordered. Yay!  in my haste to order it (both boyfriend and I agreed on something! So i acted fast), I failed to look at the other measurements besides the height (19in). It’s only like 2 feet wide. Gonna be small. But our apartment is small so I think it will work.

We got rid of our tired old yellow couch this weekend. Such a relief to free up some space. I will miss it, lots of memories from post-college (2007) up until now.  We considered saving it, storing it in bf’s mother’s basement but at the end of the day Friday the last thing I wanted to do was load and unload a massive couch.

So we began walking it out to the curb to let the trash/scavengers have it. This fella offered to help us move it then asked if he could have it since we were throwing it away. YES! Take it! Give it a good home. It’s still in excellent shape comfort wise. Just appearance wise….not so much.

We put up our Christmas tree and I made a wreath from the trimmings. Just trying to make the space nice for our holiday party.

photo 2

photo 3

I took our floral painting (ahem, poster…) to Hobby Lobby and am getting it framed. A $200 frame for a $20 poster seems a bit ridiculous but whatever…… :\ It will be nice to have it up on the wall all pretty like.

photo 1

photo 4

There’s my target mirror from a previous post. I also framed some watercolor paintings I made earlier in the fall. I put them in the place were the floral poster will go, just so something could be there for the party. I think they’ll eventually go where the wreath is. Yerrr

I have plans to order the iron bed I really like, though debating whether or not we need the complete bed (head/footboard) or just footboard. Chloe, my chihuahua, loves to sleep in the bed with us and jumps up the end via a small trunk. My current footboard is level with the bed so doesn’t obstruct her jump but this new footboard would be a few feet high. She certainly couldn’t clear that. Boyfriend would love if she couldn’t sleep in our bed but I’m so used to it…and so is she. AH…decisions.

Unfortunately, with the yellow couch in the way all last week, and now with the tree up, we won’t be able to paint before the party on Saturday. I am so tired of these gross, ugly, cracked walls…and really think the blue will help pull everything together. SOMEDAY!

Tea time

What about….


This one! It’s 19″H, not too expensive, free shipping, has wooden element boyfriend wants and eclectic metal vintagey element I want.  A win for everyone? This has been the hardest decision of my LIFE! I swear, it’s just a coffee table! I’m so indecisive.


Some pretty images from pinterest.

p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8

All sources may be found on my pinterest.

Nothing nearly as fancy as these lovely images, but I started decorating our pitiful little desk table last night. this is just a yellow sheet. I need more table linens! photo

I’ve got my eyeballs on this Scandinavian mid-century tablecloth.


It’ll go with ALL the seasons! 🙂


So, we’re throwing a little Christmas party and we’re going to try to get our butts in gear and paint the living room  BLUUUUUE. I cannot wait. I’m trying to decide if I want to commit to an all blue space or just a focal wall. The room doesn’t get the brightest sunlight in the day so I don’t want it to be too dark in there.

I think the Christmas tree will look so lovely against a blue wall. Yes yes.

I was in Target yesterday and picked up this mirror. It was so cheap ($40). It’s a decent size too (although I wouldn’t put it above a mantel. Not that big). Funny enough, I got the garland in this picture too! Ha.


I’m so excited to decorate for Christmas and for the party. I’m going to have to use the cover of darkness to go about town and steal some magnolia leaves off folks trees. I need 200 leaves to make an 8 foot garland to drape across the living room windows. So pretty

full garden mantel

There are quite a few holly trees along side our apartment. I may nab a few branches of that too to add some more life to the garland. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited I could scream. 😛

As of now we still have new sofa and poopy old couch full of love and memories. But I want it to gooooooo. It’s so dirty and cluttering up our space. 😦 So that is the objective of the next 2 weeks before our little holiday soiree: remove sofa, paint walls. Woo!


(bored at work roses)