New chairs!


So, I lucked out and got both chairs for only $80 from the Craigslist seller. Such a great deal! The chairs are in really good condition, only the welting cord is dirty (supposed to be ivory). The seller was such a sweet man who was helping his father clean out his basement. They hadn’t been used for years. The seller also had a sofa and told us the furniture belonged to the father’s mother. Not sure about that timeline but seller told us a neat story about how the chairs and sofa were the grandmother’s special furniture and they only got to sit on it for special occasions like present openings at Christmas. It creates a sweet image in mind my mind of a family creating cherished moments. Maybe one day we’ll have a little family and they too can enjoy these chairs.

This yellow green color must have been a hot color in the 60s. Upon googling “mid-century yellow chairs” I discovered a slew of yellow furniture. These high back chairs in particular. I think it’s funny I already own a mud century yellow velvet chair. Now it has siblings!

Other than cleaning them myself for the time being, I have no real plans for them. I wonder if I should look into having them reupholstered? I keep thinking about orange chairs!!

We have to get the old sofa old of here soon. Happy we got new pieces to add to our working eclectic space.

Chair lust

Do you KNOW how HARD it is to live in a one bedroom apartment when you love pretty much every piece of vintage/and or inspired piece of furniture you see.


Look at these chairs! I die!


I don’t know where they’d go (they do match my already owned velvety yellow chair) but I want them! They’re being sold with a sofa for only $200 so I emailed the seller about selling me only the chairs. Maybe he/she’d offer a steal of a price! AAH.

In other chair news, I thought of 2 things:

  • Get rid of crusty old yellow sofa and put the 2 chairs in its place. Get a window seat type bookcase to sit under the window seal. Lots of plants and framed artwork can go on top!
  • Get rid of crusty old yellow sofa and put in a smaller loveseat in its place. That would leave room for stump side table or a standing lamp and the room wouldn’t look so cramped!

I am going crazy with ideas. EEE!

I just want to talk to you

In an orange chair.

So, …the pink sofa and yellow chair are new pieces and the red chair and yellow sofa are old  (see below). I think it’s quite funny that without realizing it, I kept my same colors! Just lighter/slightly different versions of red and yellow. Old habits die hard.

As much as I love my old red recliner (sneakily disguised as a t-back), I really do want to elevate the room to a more funky/eclectic standard. Less grandma!

I’m thinking an orange chair could be the ticket. And then figure out what the heck to do about the sofa. Don’t forget, acrylic/glass coffee table!


(Clockwise: 1, 2, 3, 4)

I can picture it!


If this blog were a tv show

This entry would be filler.

Nothing new going on, yet. Just a clean space. Yesterday I received slip cover swatches from Surefit but they didn’t exactly wow me. Not entirely sure what to do with my old dingy sofa (yellow). It is still mega comfy just oh so stained and dirty. Clean and cover? Store away for when I learn to upholster? Toss to the charity bin? No idea.


moiJust feeling a little fancy in a new blazer and vintage cat pin. I cannot live without color. I heard Betsey Johnson in an interview say something along the lines of “If I’m not wearing color, I don’t feel good.” Amen to that, B.

Mind racing

Thinking of housing stuff non-stop. Money has been tight since moving in so we aren’t where I’d like to be. Hopefully ordering A BLOODY FREAKING COFFEE TABLE next week. Can you hear me screaming with delight?

I finally settled for something completely different from what bf and I initially discussed. We’ve decided on an acrylic table so more of the oriental rug can be enjoyed.


(1, 2)

Towards the end of August we went on a very inspirational trip to Columbus, IN and Cashiers, NC (beautiful mountains!). We toured the Miller House, and it was exceptional in its design. It really made me think about my own aesthetic (I am drawn to more of the clutter eclectic look). The Miller’s had a wonderful collection of books, art, dishes, etc. Collecting something is really something I’d like to get into. I already collect animals (and omg, I have so many I don’t know where to put them!) and I’m getting more into dishes. Last weekend we went to an estate sale and I found a pitcher with 6 glasses for $5. I couldn’t believe no one else wanted it!


I’ll leave this entry with images of the Miller House (all found on Google, search term Miller House Columbus Indiana). Photography is not allowed unless you go on the special [$60] photo tour. We did take a lot of photos outside but they don’t capture the excellence that is within.

MH1 mh2 mh3 mh4 mh5 mh6 mh7