Abstract paintings

These abstract paintings by Lola Donoghue are amazing and only $200 a pop*!

lanadonoghue lanadonoghue2 lanadonoghue3

Me thinks…yes, let’s add this to the plan!

* I should correct this by noting these are prints. Not original paintings.


Long time, no coffee table talk

So…I recall mentioning I was deadset on ordering the acrylic table within the next week or so of whatever entry that was…?

Well, that didn’t happen. Nothing is really happening because I keep paying bills and buying clothes. :\

Luckily I didn’t buy that boring old thing because yesterday I came across this:

terrance terrance2

Brass and glass AND shelves? It’s a dream. Now to talk the boyfriend into liking it…


So, I have 11 orange vintage glasses. I saw this image on Design Sponge the other day and thought YES, colorful glasses! Vintage glasses and beautiful plates and linen napkins. Sound like great things to collect to me!




Nothing new on the home front decor wise 😦