Budget rooms: Walmart vs. Target. Living Room Price Comparison



I went to Walmart over the weekend to get batteries. As I was walking through, I passed by a bunch of canisters and Tupperware storage items and thought “I bet I could blog about this.” It’s so easy to walk into Target and ooh and aah over all the cute Threshold or Nate Berkus merchandise.

Target has been under fire recently for its new trans-inclusive bathroom policy and many folks are claiming they will no longer grace the aisles of Tarjay. Well…that’s too bad. But this may be especially helpful to them. Can we pull off a cute room with ONLY walmart merchandise?

Of course, there are those who wouldn’t dare shop at walmart. That it hurts local businesses, its foreign child labor, its underpaid employees and poor healthcare offerings. I get it! But let us assume the reader, or you yourself do not care about such and are interested in budget design.

I have never been on walmart.com for anything more than a bedframe so I was shocked to find they operate more like a furniture listing site, carrying merchandise from a multitude of dealers/brands. Much of which is found on Wayfair and Overstock. It even tells you “sold and shipped through Wayfair”. How about that. Target operates the same way they just aren’t as transparent about it. Both sites offer some of the same product, like this sofa w/t).

I was interested in knowing if I could create an attractive room with only Walmart brand merchandise.

If money is tight or you’re a frugal Sally interested in design and having a beautiful living space, you do not have to compromise aesthetics (quality, yah. Not gettin’ that at WM). No matter how small the budget, you can create something beautiful. And don’t forget there’s always the thrift store!

Here is my walmart brand only room, using only Better Homes and Gardens and Mainstay brands. Those are the only brands I know for sure belong to Walmart (like Threshold is to Target). I’m assuming you can walk into walmart and buy most of this stuff right off the shelf.


This was definitely challenging!! My goodness!! Especially limiting our selection to 2 brands. But hey, I think this room looks pretty good!

It was impossible to create an eclectic room like I would normally create because there really weren’t any vintage inspired pieces to choose from (I guess if you squint real hard, these folding chairs could be super dooper generic knock off Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs). So, this resulted. Bonus points if you know what movie is playing.

I hated all the coffee tables so I chose to use 2 accent tables. It’s a  pretty popular trick (1, 2, 3). Our color palette is neutral but we jazz it up with some fun throw pillows and a bright throw blanket. In real life the sofa is brown so you better jazz it up REAL good. The lumbar pillows are technically outdoor pillows but hey nobody has to know. And 2 come for the price of 1. The lamps also come 2 for 1! 2 lamps for $39. Duuuude.

The rug is walmart’s affordable attempt at a Moroccan beni ourain shag. Can’t pay $4,000? Pay $63! It’s only a 5×7 so in a real room you’d probably have all the furniture off the rug. Or maybe if you’re in a small space, the front legs on. I also liked these rugs: 1,2, 3. Not for this room, but in general.

I liked the BH&G runner a lot so I chose that to sit under our tv. I did not like any of the poopoo media stands so I went with a bedroom dresser. Dressers are beautiful and ever so useful/practical storage, why not put one in the living room!

The bookcases come in packs, ready to be assembled. I’m sure you’ve seen those in store.

We’ve got a diamond motif working throughout the room pulling all the pieces together. In the bookcases, the accent tables, the pillows, and in the rugs.


Bookshelves/ sofa/ chair/ side table/ accent table (for coffee)/ blue pillow/ gold pillow/ blue lumbar/ throw/ drum shade/ table lamp/ bamboo floor lamp/ planter/ tv/ dresser/ rug/ runner

Does this look like a room created with walmart only products? Looking at this room I don’t think you’d ever know it came from Walmart! You don’t have to buy a futon or an mdf desk. So, there ya go…some affordable stuff arranged in a visually appealing way.

Now let’s look at Target in comparison. Using only Target brands.


Dannnng.  This is completely different from Walmart. I really like the slipper chairs, chandelier (so trendy right now), and those parquet tables! Again, I didn’t care for the coffee table selection so I went with 2 end tables.

I’ve always liked lavender and yellow together. What a pair. And blue and yellow never hurt my eyes either. 😉 All tied together with a nubby 7 x 10 Nate Berkus rug.

Target’s sofa selection is slim pickins. I just don’t love what’s there. This was my first choice, in taupe, but ultimately I decided against it. Who says you have to have a full size sofa? A love seat and a room full of chairs would suit me just fine. I love chairs! Got a Manhattan apartment? You need a loveseat. Don’t have a gigantic boyfriend who complains about sofa size? Get a loveseat.  If you move around a lot, or live in apartments up flights of stairs, a loveseat is great. I wish someone would have told me that the 10 years I lugged around a massive sofa (literally needed 3-4 people to move the darn thing year after year)!

I really wanted more of a muted pillow color scheme of greens, purples, browns, and yellows but that wasn’t available. So, I went with blues and yellows. I also really wanted a beautiful buffet to hang a picture over but the only thing I ended up liking was the green cabinet. I couldn’t settle for any of the generic art so I cheated and threw in a self-portrait of Josef Albers. That and the bust are not Target but everything else is.



Chandelier/ parquet side table/ mid-century table/ loveseat/ blue pillow/ stripe pillow*/ gold pillow/ peach pillow/ slipper chair/ ottoman/ mid-century chair/ blue wingback/ drum shade/ lamp/ mirror/ giraffe/ vase 1/ vase 2/ yellow vase/ basket tray/ tv stand/ cabinet/ tv/ rug

*Not sold in stores, oops.

So, for a difference of only $500 I don’t know why you’d choose to shop Walmart when Target offers a better product. I assume you have your reasons!

I am pleased with both rooms and welcome your thoughts and opinions! Which is your favorite?  Are you more traditional family-friendly with the Walmart room or like me more eclectic and vintage loving and into the Target decor?

Maybe I should have gone one step further and combined both sites! There’s an idea…best of both worlds.



For fun, and design inspiration for you, I took to walmart.com and target.com and created 3 more living rooms, utilizing the vast array of brands both sites offer (no brand filter).

Our first look is sort of Traditional, with mid-century elements..


(Benjamin Moore Bridal Pink paint color)

I love those leather chairs, but I don’t know if I could get past the fact they’re not real leather. But the overall shape and cushiness has me weak in the knees. I also really like that peacock rug.



Red pillow/ yellow pillow / blue pillow/ blue cheetah pillow/ floral slipper/ alternative flax slipper/ copper plate/ woven vase/ blue and white vase/ elephant table/ mirror/ end table/ club chair/ coffee table/ floor lamp/ curtains/ rug/ sofa

Next see a Hollywood Regency inspired living space.


I am in love with this amazing wallpaper.

Imagine yourself in the 1930s. You’re a famous movie starlet, traipsing about your shiny Hollywood hills mansion in a velvet gown, stirring up cocktails for your nearest and dearest. But wait! It’s 2016!

The white chairs jumped out at me because they look like these Mitchell Gold chairs. But at $277 a piece, not $1000+! This chair style is seen in a lot of designer rooms.

I would totally have a glamorous party in this room, how about you!?


Red crystal chandelier/ bar cart/ swivel chair/ alternative swivelpython side table/ blue floral pillow/ white fur pillow/ polka dot bolster/ black geometric pillow/ lucite bench/ shell/ bird/ peace sign hand/ chandelier lamp/ alternative gold lamp/ gold side table/ etagere/ lucite coffee table/ alternative coffee table/ wall mirror/ mirror pictured/ black highback chair/ alternative stool/ succulent art/ convertible sofa/ pink rug


Let’s see what Target’s got going on!

A Scandinavian Rustic living room.



I’m digging the blue geometric chairs with the red floral rug. It’s important to have a print and color to balance out neutral pieces. I am not a fan of gray but I think the sofa and other chair work well in the room. I don’t understand Scandinavian style to be very colorful.

Target has a couple credenzas/tv stands (1, 2) but they did not go with this room so I used 2 media consoles pushed together. I was drawn to the long brass pulls and the mahogany finish.

I could spend all day looking at coffee tables but in this exercise I pretty much chose what I was drawn to first for each room and it pretty much worked out each time. This glass table is cut in an organic shape and is held up on hair pin legs. The glass is laid with teak, a popular danish/Scandinavian wood! Tralala! Also, this table is just like those chunks of salvaged/live edge wood coffee tables that are popular which lends to our rusticness.


Wall mirror/ brass lamp/ side table/ alternative side tableconvertible sofa/ throw blanket/ blue pillow/ plaid pillow/ chevron pillow/ rhino/ wooden vase/ wooden bowl/ white vase/ blue bowl/ gray chair/ pouf/ marble tulip table/ coffee table/ floor lamp/ blue chairs/ red rug/ media console

This was a fun exercise in putting rooms together.

Hope it inspired you in some way! What I learned from the non-filtered walmart search is they list from sites like wayfair and overstock, and list an even lower price. Next time I’m hunting on those types of sites, I’ll be sure to price compare on walmart, too. I also learned Target does not offer much in the way of sofa selection. I was surprised by that!


Overall I’d say walmart appeals to a more conservative, older crowd (Better Homes and Gardens) and Target appeals to a younger, hip generation that is interested in current design trends (Threshold and guest designer series).

I personally will continue to shop Target for side tables and lamps. I’m quite a fan of Safavieh. And based on my own preference for mid-century, it is the store that suits my tastes. If only I could get them to send me those Laurel slipper chairs….:D

But I hope the take away from above is that with careful thought and consideration, a die hard walmart devotee could easily create a beautiful room on a budget. There is no need to purchase this or that!


Hughes Tables

So, I showed my initial plan to mumsie and she approved! Wallpaper and all.

She thinks nothing can be accomplished online, i.e., she hates internet shopping, but we all know I love it! So I’ve been perusing the webs for tv stands and other sorts of tables.


I had no idea about demilunes until this week! I’ve actually been in the presence of one for years and never understood why the round table looked broken in half. If you find fancy antique ones, they come in pairs (like the one I’ve been staring at all these years), and are meant to be hooked together to create a round table, and when unhooked, and not in use, pushed against the wall and used as console tables. Demilunes, meaning half moon tables, are great space savers and add a touch of elegance to your space!

They were popularized in France in the 1700s. They can flank fireplaces, be used in entry halls, as bedside tables, as dining tables in tiny apartments, wherever your heart desires.

And since my mother loves antiques, I think this is just what we need for the room.

Here I’ve listed a row of antiquey demilunes and on the bottom row more modern/eclectic demilunes.

I am kind of obsessed with that mid-century Pier 1 tv stand for her (a bit of me should go in this space, right? Haa..) and I think it could pair well with the Anthropologie demilune table. Also, the white Kindel table.

The Wayfair piece is a nod in the more traditional direction she likes, and the Crate and Barrel is more modern and clean.

A correct mash up of modern and antique could be accomplished with any number of tables, and some offline scouting will be necessary. BUT I’m not going to rule out that Pier 1 tv stand. No ma’am. Picture it in a room with demilune #1 and #4. It would work just fine. And the square lines in our Target gold side tables would mimic the square design in the tv stand. Tying things together, baby!


Here I’ve incorporated the blue slipper chairs, target side tables, pier 1 tv stand, anthropologie demilune, animal print stools, acrylic coffee table, and persian rug into my room plan. The furniture added is not to scale. Just for visual reference. I rotated the rug horizontally instead of vertically. Here it fills the space better but I’m not sure what it will be like in the real life space.

The green blobs are plants 😀

*Price available upon request from dealer.

Choosing a dining chrome chair

I initially wanted a blue upholstered Hans Wegner “round chair” for my tulip table but the more I peruse the chair world the more I don’t think wood is for me?

It’s no secret I’m a big ol’ fan of unique chairs so my search led me to mcm/70s velvet chrome seats. The thing is with buying vintage, there will be imperfections (like here some of the velvet is thin and breaking) and there will be shipping costs. I could drive to Ohio (8 hours away) to inspect these and save $400 on shipping (the chairs are $485)….




Or I could go the wayfair route and spend about $300 with free shipping. They aren’t a totally awesome unique shape  but I do like the way back curves nor are they a navy blue like I’d like BUT I think they would look fine with my table? Thoughts? We can still achieve modern glam/70s/plant heaven with these chairs.

I did want to have vintage chairs with the table but….I’d also like to not go broke. This is really a great deal. 4 chairs are included in the price!


All the vintage chairs can be found on chairish. Aren’t the yellow Milo Baughman ones great? If you want to spend 3,200 bucks! Noooo thanks.

The modern choices are lacking in unique features.

#4 wins here on the unique fun factor with the high back but there’s no way of knowing if the faux leather material is crap until you order. They are 2 for $200.

The 2 chairs in the middle are rather pricey, 5 hundo a chair, but you do get some upholstery options! I’d suggest going vintage in this instance. If you’re going to spend big bucks new, get something cool in a unique style! You’ll know the craftsmanship is there.

#1? I just like that curvy leg base. Something those skinny leg b’s don’t have 😉




#7 could be way fun and chic for the right house and table, though mine isn’t it! I also really love the shape of #8. If only they were blue and velvet! Those back legs are really struttin’!

Look for velvet upholstery or unique legs. That’s your ticket to a beautiful chrome dining chair.

MCM Chairs

I’ve been thinking about chairs (when am I NOT thinking about chairs. I love chairs. Chairs are my heart) and how I’m not sure about how much I love my thrones anymore. At least not in my living room. If I don’t do the bench idea in the dining room I can picture them under the windows there. Or in the guestroom. Or in my office. Yeah! …Clients need a place to sit, ay???

I’ve really been eyeballing these mid-century chairs.


They’re a more structured shape which I think I am lacking in my living room. Although some may say my living room is already incredibly uncomfortable (for them maybe, for me, I fall asleep in there all the time). I’m also dead tired of the yellow and really do want blue (hey, THOSE yellow have some wood on them…).  This cheapo option is from wayfair with the usual free shipping for $250 a pop. The other chairs are well over $600 plus $400 shipping. So….  I don’t know when that’ll happen. I’ll keep my eye out around town in the more retro shops and see if I can find real vintage chairs. I don’t really want fake vintage because my mix won’t be true. New couch + vintage chairs=happy me.

All other chairs may be found on chairish.



My mantle has changed but everything else is pretty much the same. Thrones in action! 😛

FullSizeRender (2)

Lady has since been moved here, and some other art is now on the mantle.

Beep beep bed room rugs

What to do, what to choose! Well, I know I need 8 x 10 and something funky/fun/blue. Of course, every rug I like is out of my budget. Gosh darnit. These are within reach though.


1/ 2/ 3/ 4

I don’t know about #3 exactly but something about the pattern makes me think of a painting. I appreciate its big bold blueness.  If I didn’t do the tassels on the bedding, it could be a possibility.

4 makes my heart sing. I’m really trying to pick something that would be in a 1940s-60s house and this rug…yes this rug does the trick!!! There is this lighter color alternative, too. Or this!


His Dream Nook

My friend texted me saying Apartment Therapy had instagrammed his “dream nook.” ….I got nothing new going on except yard stuff. Let’s make a post about it!

Here’s the image from Apartment Therapy:


And here’s my recreation:


Right off the bat, I knew that was the Ava sofa from Urban Outfitters. A few years ago, I too was into these ceramic taxidermy heads so I knew Mahzer and Vee was the perfect Etsy go to. They’re a family owned business, love kooky design (COLOR) and you can order custom colors for animal heads if they don’t have what you want already created. Winner! The AT image shows a moose and an antelop (or is that a gazelle?). M&V has an antelop but I didn’t like it, so here we have the moose, a deer, and a wolf. Woodland animals. I assume there would be a third one if the image wasn’t cut off. The power of three!

1, 2, 3

Since my friend lives in Seattle, and we need a vintage item, I thought it only appropriate to peruse the Seattle craigslist side table options. Um, wow. Slim pickens!! Gosh, I thought Seattle would have antiques galore! Guess not…. This little diddy is being offered up for $140. That seems high to me.

Lamps are so expensive! Why is that! It floors me…. but here’s a cheapish version to the white lamp pictured from Lamps Plus. Currently $80. Wayfair has a simpler alternative for half that price. And here’s our little vintage cobalt candy dish.

Now, the AT image shows no rug, but a rug is a must! This pink 8×11 kilim from wayfair is only $419. Amazing. Color, texture, and value all in one! And the kilim pillows (1, 2) are all less that $20 on etsy (and there are pages and pages of them!)

Of course, no home is complete without a plant and I do love a fiddle fig. I nabbed this one off google images….

So, there we have it. Some pieces exact, some pieces with my own spin (you gotta have some vintage mixed in there for good balance).

Friend also mentioned he loves the exposed brick, but like so many of us, lives in an apartment where there is none. Solution: faux brick wallpaper!  This is $44 a bolt but they do have some $.99 stuff, though I bet that doesn’t look so hot. Where there’s a will for brick, there is a way! 🙂

So, what would the total for this room be?

With the sofa, the pricier lamp, the 3 heads, the dish, the craigslist table, the 2 pillows and the rug: $1650 (ish) not counting shipping on anything. All in all, that’s not too shabby. Way cheaper than the price of most sofas!!!


Mom’s house/ Living Room Update

Your childhood home…did your mom have good taste or was it all tacky plaid curtains and Kirkland’s fake fruit in a decorative bowl on the coffee table like at my house?

My mom has so graciously agreed to let me redo her living room. It’s very dated and a hodgepodge of looks: english country, asian something, southern this, awful that. I don’t know man!

Like many, Mom has an overall good sense of taste but lacks any and all knack for putting together a cohesive room. Like many Southerners, and something that she has instilled in me, she loves antiques. Let’s just jump right into the room. Here’s a couple mobile phone shots she sent me.

IMG_7360When you walk through the front door, you are greeted by the back of the sofa and a sofa table, which creates a sort of entry hall effect I’m not exactly sure I like. Her sofa was new in like 2007? and the colors are dark and poopy. To me, it’s very dated. The shape must still work for us though because I cannot afford to buy her a brand new sofa. The solution: a slip cover.

She also requests a new oriental rug in the same colors as the sofa. No Mom. We must get away from these drab colors and into bright Southern charm! There’s a lot of wood in here. And most of it has been chewed on by her 2 Boston Terriers. The primo piece is the armoire. Is that not a beauty! You can see the built-ins in the reflection. It will remain in that location (I think). We’ll get rid of the faux flowers and all those wall shelves.
IMG_7361Here you can see the entry to the kitchen and hallway. The clock is nice. That we’ll keep. I hate that fireplace hearth glass thing. I don’t know what you call it. Get that out of there! Along with that tacky candle holder. The mantle is full of nails. We’ll patch those up. Leave the mirror (on 2nd thought, that might be going as well. I’m thinking we need to go vertical), but dress up the mantle. I hate those eggs and the plates on the wall.. That’s more of that Asian crap mom likes. Maybe we could just pop those on the built-ins when we restyle them.

Here’s my super quick idea from just doing a quick search of affordable furniture.


We’ll orient the furniture to run in front of the armoire and the fire place, with the 2 new modern chairs flanking the fireplace. The pink chairs, white slip cover, and green rug will brighten up the space from the drab wood and reds and blues Mom has been used to. She already has the round double shelved side table and the blue and white vase (seen up on the wall). She also has an antique side table (half of it is seen in picture 1, by the window) that can go between the new chairs.

As for the antique chaise…that would be amazing but may have to end up being a chair with an ottoman. Whatever we find. I want it to be vintage. The main goal is to create more seating, with the sofa, new chairs, and the chaise. Currently, she has a sofa and a chair. When company comes, there’s no where to sit and she starts pulling out dining chairs!

Mom also has her beloved crystal lamps, but I’d like to introduce a modern lamp, thus the tripod. Actually, 2 crystal lamps are her only modes of light. There is no overhead lighting in the living room. So maybe 3 lamps will properly light the space? I’m not sure yet. It’s always so dang dark in there! And we’ll get rid of the chewed up coffee table and bring in something off the wall like the acrylic! Her sisters won’t know what to think 😉

Lastly, mom loves her tv so I’ll need to figure out what to do about that. She currently has a GIANT gray plastic eyesore that sits in the corner (I didn’t want to post this because it’s so blurry. Gosh Mom!). You can see that she has oriented her sofa to face the television. TV is front and center in this room. I hate that. Tv should not be the focal point of any room. DID YOU READ THAT. NO TV FOCAL POINT. NO TV ABOVE THE MANTLE. PLEASE!!!


My first idea was to use the little cabinet under the English countryside painting (which now in this new room might actually look good) and get her a new flat screen. We shall see. Ugh, more plates!

I think for money sake, this could work fine in the yellow room but I’m not loving it. I think we could do better. But I’ll save that for another day. I do know I’d like to paint the walls of the built-ins to make them pop. That’s something she’s never had before!

Chairs/ rug/ slipcover/ gold side table /floral cabinet/ tripod/ acrylic table

The round table is wayfair.com but I cannot for the life of me find it!

And you know what I’m thinking…and I just noticed it last weekend when I was home visiting (it only took 25 years of looking at those walls). This house was built in 1941 and it has 0 architectural details aside from bookshelves and a couple interesting closets and shelves in the kitchen. So maybe we ought to throw up some crown moulding? Hmm…

New year


Happy New Year! It’s already Jan 2. Gosh, time flies.

As 2014 came to a close, I was grateful I was able to buy some much needed pieces for our space. I would really like to squeeze in a few more things before March (when I turn 30) but I don’t know if the finances will allow it. We’re planning to spend my birthday in New York City (Yay!) so can’t be spending willy nilly on apartment furnishings. Time to save.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and life pondering over the last year and as 2014 ended, I began to realize I do NOT want to settle for the life I currently have. To be tied to my current job that I don’t love (however, I am so happy to have it) just because it pays well. To spend every day locked in a carpet cube with no windows. That’s not the life I want.  I want to get married, pop out a kid or 2, live in the mountains (off the grid??) and make something by hand, whether that be chairs or dresses. I want to wake up every morning feeling like I’m actually living not just existing. I want to be proud of the life I have. Not that I’m depressed and hate everything I currently have. No, definitely not. I’m super happy to be alive and super thankful for the blessing I do have (good job, family, roof over head, food in my belly, and ability to buy dresses every paycheck (haha)). I just want a little more peace and less of the daily grind.

Enough of all that. I can’t leave Alabama overnight.. We just hope in the next five years we are living and working in a mountain town, and hope to have started our family (because neither of us are getting any younger!).

I have been hanging on to the Christmas spirit and haven’t taken down our tree. That is on the agenda tonight. I am just so in love with it. There’s a tree in your house! I mean…

So, the more I think about how I want the space, and the more I peruse the myriad of interior photos online, the less into the idea of a blue living room I am. Now I’m thinking white walls, white trim, LOTS OF PLANTS, and a more minimalistic approach to decorating. We shall see how long that idea sticks….  but at least with all new white walls (not stark white though mind you) we wouldn’t have to worry about painting over colored walls when we leave.



Lookie there! I got a fiddle fig! Only $16 from Home Depot. It came in perfect condition! Just waiting for it to grow into a big, beautiful house tree! I was pleasantly delighted by boyfriend’s enthusiasm once he saw it in person. He thinks its leaves are amazing (there really is a lot of detail when you look closely).  Dinner plate shows the color palette I’m leaning towards for all our rooms. Lovely off white with a mix of greens (mostly from the plants) and creams.


Here’s a quick sketch of a room idea. With the old sofa gone, and soon the Christmas tree gone, the room will be bare! I’m thinking we’d like a console/media console/low bookcase type dealio for a new flatscreen (which I detest! but boyfriend is adamant about getting one) and plants and lamps and whatnot to sit on. I still haven’t decided what color I want to reupholster the craigslist mid century high back chairs. The rug really confuses me because it’s so busy. I keep leaning towards a dark blue. And since that won’t be in the walls…all the more reason to put it on chair!


Also, YAYAY, got the dream bed in! Opted for just the headboard. I hope it looks nice! Waiting on bedframe and new bedding (chenille! oh la vintage!).  I’m hoping to acquire a little bench/settee to place at the foot of the bed. A place to sit to put on shoes and Chloe can use it to get up to the bed.

Here is the bed I’m 99% sure of. I love chenille but feel kind of grossed out when I consider ordering vintage bedding. It is beautiful but I’d rather have new. I don’t know why that doesn’t pertain to dresses, because I loooooooooove the story an article of clothing can tell (and piece of furniture).


Since I’m on the topic of bedroom, we have got to do something about our lack of storage. I really think we should invest in a dresser or armoire or some Elfa shelving. Last night I was cleaning out and realized we really have no space. Our clothes are squished into one TINY closet, with our least worn stashed in the living room junk closet.


Someone asked me if I had 1000 shoes. Hardly. Only 43! I decided to give them a count last night. They were strewn about and spilling out of the closet. I boxed up my least worns and put them in the livingroom closet.closets2

With my newer shoes, I began to save their boxes. So that’s taking up some realestate :\ but I want to perserve them for future me! Boyfriend has about 5 inches of hanging space and that one shelf. He says he has no clothes, but uhhh, that isn’t true.closetsI

This dumb thing was SUPPOSED to be my office space. There’s absolutely no way for that to happen because where would this junk go? Here is where we keep my doll collection, laundry, christmas decorations, design papers, letter press, vacuum, etc. And all my extra clothes hang in here. AHH! This is the space I’d really like to get some Elfa or some such closet organizational things. The pile of clothes to the left will be gone soon as I’m going to consign/donate them. But the rest of it? A giant staying mess. :\ I don’t plan to stop acquiring clothes and shoes so this is a matter that def needs sorted.

That’s all the updating I have for now.  I will post pictures when we get the bed set up and room tidied. 🙂