Back in time

my brbr

So, the chenille bedding did come in yesterday! It is so lightweight. I threw it on the bed but it does need a quick wash and dry to fluff up the chenille bits.

Here is a perfect example of the horrendous color the walls are painted. I can’t even figure out what it is? Some sort of beige with a hint of vomit green. It is truly awful and makes all the furniture look drab. It’s like wearing the wrong foundation color. Everything else is off as a result.

Something like this?

yuckJust not a good color AT ALL.  In case you’re crazy and like this poop color it’s Benjamin Moore “mellowed ivory”.

I contacted the night stands craigslist seller and she responded they ARE available!! Only trouble is they’re an hour and a half drive away. My mother lives in the town and could go over to inspect them…

but $220 could buy a vintage dress or fun eats in NYC so I am torn :\

But I do want them so!

Let’s also acknowledge that I hate those fake flowers! I put them there because I wanted something tall on the night stand, also something colorful. Fresh flowers really are so much better. That is something I’d like to do for myself, also something to work on doing: getting weekly fresh flowers for the apartment.


New year


Happy New Year! It’s already Jan 2. Gosh, time flies.

As 2014 came to a close, I was grateful I was able to buy some much needed pieces for our space. I would really like to squeeze in a few more things before March (when I turn 30) but I don’t know if the finances will allow it. We’re planning to spend my birthday in New York City (Yay!) so can’t be spending willy nilly on apartment furnishings. Time to save.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and life pondering over the last year and as 2014 ended, I began to realize I do NOT want to settle for the life I currently have. To be tied to my current job that I don’t love (however, I am so happy to have it) just because it pays well. To spend every day locked in a carpet cube with no windows. That’s not the life I want.  I want to get married, pop out a kid or 2, live in the mountains (off the grid??) and make something by hand, whether that be chairs or dresses. I want to wake up every morning feeling like I’m actually living not just existing. I want to be proud of the life I have. Not that I’m depressed and hate everything I currently have. No, definitely not. I’m super happy to be alive and super thankful for the blessing I do have (good job, family, roof over head, food in my belly, and ability to buy dresses every paycheck (haha)). I just want a little more peace and less of the daily grind.

Enough of all that. I can’t leave Alabama overnight.. We just hope in the next five years we are living and working in a mountain town, and hope to have started our family (because neither of us are getting any younger!).

I have been hanging on to the Christmas spirit and haven’t taken down our tree. That is on the agenda tonight. I am just so in love with it. There’s a tree in your house! I mean…

So, the more I think about how I want the space, and the more I peruse the myriad of interior photos online, the less into the idea of a blue living room I am. Now I’m thinking white walls, white trim, LOTS OF PLANTS, and a more minimalistic approach to decorating. We shall see how long that idea sticks….  but at least with all new white walls (not stark white though mind you) we wouldn’t have to worry about painting over colored walls when we leave.



Lookie there! I got a fiddle fig! Only $16 from Home Depot. It came in perfect condition! Just waiting for it to grow into a big, beautiful house tree! I was pleasantly delighted by boyfriend’s enthusiasm once he saw it in person. He thinks its leaves are amazing (there really is a lot of detail when you look closely).  Dinner plate shows the color palette I’m leaning towards for all our rooms. Lovely off white with a mix of greens (mostly from the plants) and creams.


Here’s a quick sketch of a room idea. With the old sofa gone, and soon the Christmas tree gone, the room will be bare! I’m thinking we’d like a console/media console/low bookcase type dealio for a new flatscreen (which I detest! but boyfriend is adamant about getting one) and plants and lamps and whatnot to sit on. I still haven’t decided what color I want to reupholster the craigslist mid century high back chairs. The rug really confuses me because it’s so busy. I keep leaning towards a dark blue. And since that won’t be in the walls…all the more reason to put it on chair!


Also, YAYAY, got the dream bed in! Opted for just the headboard. I hope it looks nice! Waiting on bedframe and new bedding (chenille! oh la vintage!).  I’m hoping to acquire a little bench/settee to place at the foot of the bed. A place to sit to put on shoes and Chloe can use it to get up to the bed.

Here is the bed I’m 99% sure of. I love chenille but feel kind of grossed out when I consider ordering vintage bedding. It is beautiful but I’d rather have new. I don’t know why that doesn’t pertain to dresses, because I loooooooooove the story an article of clothing can tell (and piece of furniture).


Since I’m on the topic of bedroom, we have got to do something about our lack of storage. I really think we should invest in a dresser or armoire or some Elfa shelving. Last night I was cleaning out and realized we really have no space. Our clothes are squished into one TINY closet, with our least worn stashed in the living room junk closet.


Someone asked me if I had 1000 shoes. Hardly. Only 43! I decided to give them a count last night. They were strewn about and spilling out of the closet. I boxed up my least worns and put them in the livingroom closet.closets2

With my newer shoes, I began to save their boxes. So that’s taking up some realestate :\ but I want to perserve them for future me! Boyfriend has about 5 inches of hanging space and that one shelf. He says he has no clothes, but uhhh, that isn’t true.closetsI

This dumb thing was SUPPOSED to be my office space. There’s absolutely no way for that to happen because where would this junk go? Here is where we keep my doll collection, laundry, christmas decorations, design papers, letter press, vacuum, etc. And all my extra clothes hang in here. AHH! This is the space I’d really like to get some Elfa or some such closet organizational things. The pile of clothes to the left will be gone soon as I’m going to consign/donate them. But the rest of it? A giant staying mess. :\ I don’t plan to stop acquiring clothes and shoes so this is a matter that def needs sorted.

That’s all the updating I have for now.  I will post pictures when we get the bed set up and room tidied. 🙂