Mixing Styles on a budget


I was curious how cheap I could make a room, in the mid-century eclectic taste we know and love. So, I set out to find the cheapest sofa possible, keeping in mind the sort of furniture you may find in your local thrift, consignment, or on Craigslist. I give you the Bohemian Mid-Century Eclectic space. Just add more plants and textiles.

If I were to buy a brand new sofa, I would not spend ANY LESS than $1,000. You want to make sure you are paying for quality. It will be worth it in the long run. Make sure you’re buying from a manufacturer that uses solid reinforced wood frames. I would also find out what type of coil system they use (sinuous or coil/ hand-tied vs webbing).  There’s also things to consider like how much/what kind of fill is in the cushions, do you want down-poly blend, etc., to ensure your pillows stay cushy for years to come. Read more on this Good Housekeeping article.

Now, when you buy vintage you already know you’re most likely getting a top quality all wood piece. “They don’t make them like they used to” is a saying for a reason. And thanks to people not wanting their junk anymore, you can get it at dirt cheap prices.

While at the thrift, make sure you’re testing out how the sofa sits, and inspect the frame as best you can. If it appears to have good bones and a great shape, but you aren’t loving the fabric, take your wee investment to the upholsterer! You’ll still be spending less on new upholstery and still be getting a piece all your own.

When I set out to design this room, I knew I wanted a floral sofa. I thought about mid-century styles and French provincial styles. You can easily find floral or damask brocade sofas (I once had a beauty from the thrift store in perfect condition for $130!)

Check out these crazy deals on Everything But the Home. People are winning furniture for next to nothing. I am shocked at the prices these items are going for and eager to start bidding myself! Granted there is shipping cost if you don’t pick up the item yourself. But winning a $50 sofa, I’ll pay you $300 to ship across the country. Come on!

Floral sofa 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

“How do I pick my floral print without looking Country Grandma” you ask?


Look for the bright florals, not the dingy ones. Sometimes there are really interesting prints with animals, too. The florals may look grandma at first but once you visualize them in your space with modern pieces next to them, they’ll take on a whole new feel.

Take for instance this sofa and lucite coffee table combo. I love the happy colors and all the florals of this room! Don’t you wish you had that coffee table! The closet I’ve ever seen is this CB2 tv stand. If only it had legs, not wheels.



Next, for texture and because I didn’t want wood with my tropical print sofa, I went looking for cool rattan side tables. I like these particular tables because of the shelf. Just enough space for a stack of books.

I don’t foresee you finding impeccable rattan side tables in thrift stores but you might get lucky depending on your area. This might be something you have to look in consignment and online for. These were only $101 for 2 tables. Really a steal! Also, flea markets. Yes, duh, of course. Get thee to the flea (but we already knew about that, didn’t we?)

Rattan side tables: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Next I chose a credenza for the tv that mimicked the look of the rattan. This particular piece is actually a chest, so you could have storage for things if you were lacking that. Mid-century credenzas can be hard to find in good condition with a unique look at an affordable price. This chest ticks off all those things.

Credenzas: 1, 2, 3. There are plenty of beautiful credenzas on Etsy (that’s where I got mine!).

For a cheap fix like the chest, actually much cheaper, look for record player consoles. In thrift stores they are always in abundance, with interesting detailing. They will be low too, so they’ll make great tv stands. The look can be a bit 70s sometimes but for the Bohemian Mid-Century Eclectic that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I personally like rooms with a touch of/nod to 70s.

I chose cane chairs to add yet another layer of texture. Again we have the square like in the chest and side tables. Repeating a certain style will pull the pieces in the room together, without being matchy matchy.

I am confident you can find these in your local antique store. Whether or not for cheap, who knows. If you find them at the thrift they may need re-caning. I would definitely check Craigslist for this item! Shouldn’t be hard to find at all. I went with blue upholstery here to match the blue in our sofa.

Of course in a mid-century room of mine I would have some type of mid-century chairs. I love the bright green of this upholstery. Blue and green will always and forever go together. And green makes sense with botanicals (tropical sofa print). You can find 50s style chairs in a lot of stores, from thrift to antique to Target to World Market and on up the price ladder. Though, keep in mind when buying vintage you’re getting a certain amount of quality over those poo Target chairs that will eventually break down. You could get dirt cheap thrift chairs and recover them in an awesome print to contrast with your awesome sofa! Cha-ching! Money! You so balla…

And ballers need shine in their rooms. So, we add a brass/glass coffee table. This particular one hails from the 70s but you can find them from the 50s – today. I’d stay in the mid-century to 80s.

Chairish is my favorite place to look for brass tables. I honestly do not see many out in the world. Is it my area? Might be tricky to find cheaply. Keep your eyes on the Craig!

1, 2, 3

And lastly, to keep the place bright and happy, an affordable World Market rug. This rug is jute which isn’t the coziest underfoot but whatever. We’re going for affordability here.

How much did the furniture cost?


Pretty dang good if you ask me. You could buy 1 sofa for that price, and we furnished our entire house! The sofa had a hole in one top cushion. If you found something like that at the thrift store, but otherwise the sofas was in great condition, I personally would go ahead and buy it. Let’s pretend this sofa was in the thrift store for $50-$150 with that mark on the top. Well 1, can you flip the cushion? 2, just throw a blanket/throw/fur over it and call it a day. 

Sofa, Green chairs, Side tables, Coffee table, Cane chairs, Chest, Rug

The art (1, 2) and lifesize Giraffe are Chairish, yellow pillows Target (1, 2), the lamps (1, 2) are Target, and pink Suzani pillows One Kings Lane.

Shall I price out another style of room? Let me know! I had no budget in mind for this, only to keep the price as low as possible. I started out making a Traditional room but it morphed into this lovely mix. If interested I’d be happy to put my spin on various styles like Traditional, Farmhouse, Hollywood Regency, Minimalism, etc.



Together again

Okay, for a minute there I had forgotten my original idea of what sort of space I want.

I guess your home will evolve with you and my taste changes like the tide. Er, whatever the saying is.

I was feeling a bit confused because of the large, busy oriental rug but now I see it!!

We need white walls, not blue!  Since I can’t change my pink chesterfield in for a blue one (dang it, I really wish I’d gone with a blue one.), we can get more seating in with a blue velvet settee!

Also, we need more textural elements like wood, jute, and brass/metallic. We do have lots of wooden side tables but they’re very dainty and make the room more feminine than it needs to be.



Bassett chesterfield


Oriental rug


Cataman chair and ottoman


Velvet settee


Low bookcase for media stand


Fiddle leaf fig tree


Target Threshold mirror


Chairish mid century high backs


Hammered brass lamp


I forgot what this is called, but it is from Wayfair. Similar here.


Reclaimed wood side table

Orange and Black Wall.

Franz Kline

Okay, you get the gist. Those mid century high backs are way cooler than ours. That is pretty much our sofa (sans those pillows), our brass coffee table, and the Target mirror. Just need to keep collecting pieces and styling! But glad I get it again.

Coffee table beginnings

It’s here! I thought I’d never choose a table!

I have lost sight of the electric room I had in mind. Now I just have a super old lady space! I think the rug is partially to blame but we’re certainly not getting rid of it. I’m hoping that painting will help (BLUE!) and I of course need to get the 2 new yellow chairs reupholstered. Initially I was thinking blue, then I thought orange, then I thought green stripes, now I’m just clueless.

I think some funky pillows could add randomness and color. I don’t know! I’m just glad I got the table and the iron bed. Those were my primary goals. As soon as the Christmas tree comes down, I’m painting this B! Not rolling into 30 with doody green walls.



When the tree does come down, we’re going to have so much space! AH! We seriously need a desk, to hide oodles of cables and cords, and so I can actually do some graphic design work at home. Not having a creative space has turned me into a mindless-tv-watching-at night zombie. I don’t want to waste my evenings on Hulu.

Anyhow, the table is from domino and is A LOT smaller than what we had before. I’m hoping this means less clutter and trash in the living room. The old table was a dumping ground for everything. Not anymore! I’m not sure how to style it out my current belongings. Here is an art book, a magazine, a candle, and an animal figurine. Zzzzz.

I also want to get rid of Monster Phil (look at that thing!) and get a fiddle fig! Last spring I missed my chance. Not happening this time!

New chairs!


So, I lucked out and got both chairs for only $80 from the Craigslist seller. Such a great deal! The chairs are in really good condition, only the welting cord is dirty (supposed to be ivory). The seller was such a sweet man who was helping his father clean out his basement. They hadn’t been used for years. The seller also had a sofa and told us the furniture belonged to the father’s mother. Not sure about that timeline but seller told us a neat story about how the chairs and sofa were the grandmother’s special furniture and they only got to sit on it for special occasions like present openings at Christmas. It creates a sweet image in mind my mind of a family creating cherished moments. Maybe one day we’ll have a little family and they too can enjoy these chairs.

This yellow green color must have been a hot color in the 60s. Upon googling “mid-century yellow chairs” I discovered a slew of yellow furniture. These high back chairs in particular. I think it’s funny I already own a mud century yellow velvet chair. Now it has siblings!

Other than cleaning them myself for the time being, I have no real plans for them. I wonder if I should look into having them reupholstered? I keep thinking about orange chairs!!

We have to get the old sofa old of here soon. Happy we got new pieces to add to our working eclectic space.