Mind racing

Thinking of housing stuff non-stop. Money has been tight since moving in so we aren’t where I’d like to be. Hopefully ordering A BLOODY FREAKING COFFEE TABLE next week. Can you hear me screaming with delight?

I finally settled for something completely different from what bf and I initially discussed. We’ve decided on an acrylic table so more of the oriental rug can be enjoyed.


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Towards the end of August we went on a very inspirational trip to Columbus, IN and Cashiers, NC (beautiful mountains!). We toured the Miller House, and it was exceptional in its design. It really made me think about my own aesthetic (I am drawn to more of the clutter eclectic look). The Miller’s had a wonderful collection of books, art, dishes, etc. Collecting something is really something I’d like to get into. I already collect animals (and omg, I have so many I don’t know where to put them!) and I’m getting more into dishes. Last weekend we went to an estate sale and I found a pitcher with 6 glasses for $5. I couldn’t believe no one else wanted it!


I’ll leave this entry with images of the Miller House (all found on Google, search term Miller House Columbus Indiana). Photography is not allowed unless you go on the special [$60] photo tour. We did take a lot of photos outside but they don’t capture the excellence that is within.

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