Hughes living room refresh (but not a redesign)

I like to think of this as a step along the way to a makeover/living room redesign. A few weeks ago I surprised my mother by rearranging her living room. She loved it. Whew!

When you have 0 dollars to buy new furniture you can definitely breathe new life into a space by moving your current furniture into a better flowing/more logical floor plan! I also wanted mother to get a sense of how the living room might be once we get new furnishings for her. She saw the light and approves!

If you recall, the old space was dark and the full size of the room was cut in half because mom had the sofa sitting in the middle of the space!


I opened all the blinds, moved the armoir, put in a rug, donated 2 chairs, and the space really opened up.


I moved the sofa to its most logical position, on the longest wall between the 2 furthest apart windows. Just like mother is short on books for the built-ins (as written about in the entry below), she is short on art. But that’s okay…we’ll get there. I put what I could find above the sofa to fill the empty space. And guys, don’t look at those pillows. HAHA.

I also got rid of EVERY SINGLE fake plant. Now all plants in the room are 100% real. Whew!

The crystal lamps flank the sofa on either side (though the sunlight here washes them out).

This rattan/glass coffee table came from another room in the house. To add texture and mix things up a bit (be not so traditional) I switched out her old coffee table for this one. I could have styled the table with a tray of knickknacks. Lord knows mom has oodles of those fake fruits and those twine balls from Kirklands (anybody?)…but I didn’t care to bother. So…clean space it is! It’s been a few weeks and she still has the vase sitting there.


The red recliner that was in the room was too heavy and dark seeming so I got rid of it! Having the daintiness of this chair (the open legs) keeps the flow of the room light and airy.


The poo tv is still in focus but not blocking the built-in like before. The 2 new chairs provide much needed seating for guests. In fact, shortly after she had visitors! And they had a place to sit! How about that! 😛

There was some clutter on the mantle, which I removed, and like the coffee table chose to leave bare.


Look how big the space is as opposed to before! The rug makes it so much cozier and now she opens the blinds every day. She never did that before. 🙂

Plenty of room for 2 animal print stools in front on the coffee table, switch out my high backs for Billy Haines brentwood chairs, get a new sofa, some sort of coffee table (burled walnut or acrylic), strip the fireplace so the natural wood shows, find a vertical mirror, paint the walls, accessorize, find a boat load of books, add a floor lamp, get new side tables, wallpaper the focal sofa wall, buy some art and presto!



Credenza styling

It’s the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. And it’s all mine 😉

My credenza arrived on Wednesday after what seemed like a month long trek from Oregon to Alabama. Nearly…I purchased it on January 29, it shipped February 11, and it arrived February 24.


I threw all this up here to take a pretty styled photo and ended up liking it just as it was. You may recognize the Target lamp, and that vase is Target too.


A bit of vintage brass and a lot of scale here, with the tiny unicorn. I used to play the United States puzzle with my Grandfather. The turtle is sitting on a memory card game you probably played as a kid? Beautiful mid-century animal illustrations by Charley Harper.


My favorite styling books and a little Gustav held up by some vintage walruses! There’s a lot of warm colors working here: creams, reds, yellows…and then just a dash of cool with blues and greens coming in from the art work and books and the bowl (which is for keys and clutter).

I left my security camera in the photos for a bit of realism. Ha!

I’m so excited to have it! I ordered this piece off Etsy, like my tiny chairs. This is my 2nd online furniture purchase and while I hate the shipping cost…it seems to be worthwhile!!

The styling books on the credenza are:

Spruce (A lively upholstery book)
Dorothy Rodgers My Favorite Things (of Rodgers and Hammerstein)
The Perfectly Imperfect Home (the Bible!)
The Book of Decorating

and one I just received but haven’t found a home for but highly recommend if you love mid-century furniture like I do, Fifties House. There are pages and pages of inspiring photos, including my all time favorite house, The Miller House!

Next month I am taking another trip back to Los Angeles (it got its hold on me last September when we went to the desert!) and I’ll be touring the Eames House. I haven’t looked at any pictures because I want to be surprised by what I see. Looking forward to coming back as refreshed/renewed/inspired as last trip!