Dream sofa: Tuxedo


These are 2 of my all time favorite living rooms, belonging to Cameron Diaz and Marisa Tomei. Kelly Wearstler, who designed Cameron’s apartment, can do no wrong. In fact, I purchased my vintage swivel chairs based on lust I have for Milo Baughman. Sadly his designs are out of my price range. These rooms are 2 different designers but look how similar they are:

Tuxedo sofa, large cocktail table, vintage chairs, shag rug, matching end tables and lamps, and matching stools.

I’ve had these components in mind for my next home. While I love my pink chesterfield, I can’t stop thinking about a sexy velvet tuxedo in a neutral color. A tuxedo sofa has a boxy shape due to its back and sides being the same uniform height. When you think about it, it’s the logical next step to go from a chesterfield to a tuxedo. The chesterfield is a tuxedo in a way. All its sides are uniform as well. It’s just overstuffed.


This Jan Showers tuxedo sofa is the literal bees knees dream. Covered in velvet, even the feet! I want it right now! Haha.


(Billy Baldwin)


Below is a list, ranging in shape. I’ve had my eye on #1 for some time now. I love its skinny sides, reminiscent of the rosewood frames of mid century sofas (also made popular by our friend Milo). Perhaps it’s really more of a shelter sofa? If I couldn’t get a custom sofa made with the feet upholstered, I would probably not want my sofa feet showing.

tuxedo sofas


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

What do you think of the tuxedo? What is your favorite style of sofa?


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