Refining and the chaise

Mother has mentioned numerous times that she would like a sectional for the living room. I have personally never liked a sectional. I think of bulky, cheaply made hunks of tacky junk people throw in front of televisions. You know, those ugly things people buy for $599 at discount stores?

Then I came across this beauty from Dwell Studio. It has a left or right facing chaise. $1,800 is not a bad price point either, and it comes in a variety of standard upholstery fabrics and lots more for an upcharge. I was reading a HouseBeautiful book and came across the work of Robin Bell and further knew a wallpapered focus wall would be excellent for mom’s living room. Don’t you love this zebra wall paper below!

I cannot help myself when it comes to playing with ideas for the room. Here I’ve delved a little deeper with the decor. Of course, most of this is out of budget but it’s fun to get a sense of how the space can look. Here we have the demilune and tv stand from the previous entry, the pieces I’ve been speaking of from entries prior, and I threw in new sconces, new art, and new blue lamps. I know mom would love those lamps.

We are missing some chairs but in time… I have not found any good Boston Terrier art for the gallery wall behind sofa. Eyes peeled! Will of course have to find the right shade of orange to complement the wallpaper.

You can find all this on One Kings Lane.





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