Hughes Tables

So, I showed my initial plan to mumsie and she approved! Wallpaper and all.

She thinks nothing can be accomplished online, i.e., she hates internet shopping, but we all know I love it! So I’ve been perusing the webs for tv stands and other sorts of tables.


I had no idea about demilunes until this week! I’ve actually been in the presence of one for years and never understood why the round table looked broken in half. If you find fancy antique ones, they come in pairs (like the one I’ve been staring at all these years), and are meant to be hooked together to create a round table, and when unhooked, and not in use, pushed against the wall and used as console tables. Demilunes, meaning half moon tables, are great space savers and add a touch of elegance to your space!

They were popularized in France in the 1700s. They can flank fireplaces, be used in entry halls, as bedside tables, as dining tables in tiny apartments, wherever your heart desires.

And since my mother loves antiques, I think this is just what we need for the room.

Here I’ve listed a row of antiquey demilunes and on the bottom row more modern/eclectic demilunes.

I am kind of obsessed with that mid-century Pier 1 tv stand for her (a bit of me should go in this space, right? Haa..) and I think it could pair well with the Anthropologie demilune table. Also, the white Kindel table.

The Wayfair piece is a nod in the more traditional direction she likes, and the Crate and Barrel is more modern and clean.

A correct mash up of modern and antique could be accomplished with any number of tables, and some offline scouting will be necessary. BUT I’m not going to rule out that Pier 1 tv stand. No ma’am. Picture it in a room with demilune #1 and #4. It would work just fine. And the square lines in our Target gold side tables would mimic the square design in the tv stand. Tying things together, baby!


Here I’ve incorporated the blue slipper chairs, target side tables, pier 1 tv stand, anthropologie demilune, animal print stools, acrylic coffee table, and persian rug into my room plan. The furniture added is not to scale. Just for visual reference. I rotated the rug horizontally instead of vertically. Here it fills the space better but I’m not sure what it will be like in the real life space.

The green blobs are plants šŸ˜€

*Price available upon request from dealer.

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