Hughes Mood Board

1d65I want to give my mother an eclectic, colorful space but maintain a traditional style, incorporating her love of antiques. As seen in the entry below, her space is bare, and while she has a lot of  reds and yellows in the room, they leave it looking cold and empty. Not warm and inviting. I’d like her to toss out that crusty old striped sofa and get a neutral beige sofa so we can add in a billion patterns and textures on the walls, floor, and in the chairs. The images here are great for showing how a boring beige sofa can be jazzed up with pattern (I believe all were sourced from here).

I can’t get this Farrow and Ball wallpaper out of my head. “It is a beautifully textured woven design that conjures picturesque scenes of Japanese fishermen repairing their nets” — Mother is obsessed with Japanese art so I thought a nod to Japan on the walls would be great! Whether or not she agrees has yet to be determined.


The wallpaper would just be on one wall, the wall with the sofa, across from the fireplace. To break up the wallpaper and add life/color we could add a gallery wall. A thought occurred to me to find a lot of paintings of Boston Terriers. Mom has 2. But that might prove to be a difficult task. She might really love that personalized touch! Something to discuss.

Her 1 of 2 requirements is the oversized plush sofa. I know she likes them to be skirted and I think that look will go well here. We have a 9×12 red Persian rug. I’d like to see REAL LIFE plants in the space. Mom is kind of fanatical about crystal lamps but I’m not. These are Target lamps. I like the shape and texture. 2 for $199 seems like a deal! 🙂  White will bring something modern to the room.

These are also Target side tables. I like the gold (which I’m sure she would too) and the shelf for storage. That will be good for stylish books and knickknacks.

I was thinking of some sort of slipper chairs to sit around the fireplace. Blue will pick up the blue in the rug and play off the orange in the walls (should we be bold enough to go that route). Also, fun stools in an animal print will provide extra seating when needed. Mom currently has a “jungle room” so animal print is high on her love list.

Other things we’ll need are an arm chair and something to house the tv. I’m not deadset on that coffee table but I know I do not want a wooden one for her.

So, what do you think? I guess it looks wild here in 2-D format but in my mind I see a beautiful eclectic space full of life and warmth ready to be sat in and enjoyed!





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