Dining room makeover

My new dining chairs have arrived!

I haven’t decided how I feel about them because I really would have rather had the vintage chairs but ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. I got these cheaper than the listing price during the President’s Day sale so I can’t argue with the price.

Quality wise? I am disappointed by the “velvet”. I mean, pfft. That’s not velvet. They do sit pretty comfortably though and that is important. I also like the blue with the marble, even if it isn’t the navy blue that I truly wanted. Isn’t sky blue supposed to be the color of the year or something? Or is that pink?


Since my credenza is due any day now, I moved this piece from the living room here to the dining room. You typically see another credenza or buffet in the dining room and while this is visually pleasing, I DON’T HAVE ANY DISHES. So, I’m not about to go out and buy another expensive piece for more storage for things I don’t need storing. This piece of furniture is very special to me. It was my first ever, bought for me for my very first apartment, and has been lovingly schlepped to and fro wherever I go.

I styled it with elements of blue, white, and brass. There’s nothing beautiful growing around my rental 😦 so I snipped some twigs for my vase. So resourceful!


There you have it! I’m trying to figure out if it’s really me and the aesthetic I’m going for. The drawing of the woman was done by me in 7th grade. I would have hung the mirror but it weighs 50 pounds and I was afraid the wall would fall down with my measly nail and hammer skills. That whole knock on the walls to find the stud? Pssh, that’s for suckers.

Of course, since my cabinet is 9 years old, it’s no longer available. It is from World Market so perhaps they’ll have something like it again. Isn’t this one beautiful? Or how about this?  Are you on a budget like me? Well, then how about this, this, or that?

The chairs are from here, here, or here. And the table is from here. Woohoo!


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