Dude, so brutalist!

It makes sense that a love of mid-century furnishings would introduce me to new pieces and movements within/from the period.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into each and every piece I want to put into my home. While it may seem that all I do is concentrate on the living and dining rooms, I have spent considerable time looking at bedding and night stands for my bedroom. It’s just so hard for me to nail down the right look. I’ve been drawn to chunky night stands for sometime and the other day it hit me:

Brutalist furniture.

Wiki says; Brutalist architecture is a movement in architecture that flourished from the 1950s to the mid-1970s, descending from the modernist architectural movement of the early 20th century. The term originates from the French word for “raw” in the term used by Le Corbusier to describe his choice of material béton brut (raw concrete).

Le Corbusier designed one of my favorite modern houses, the Villa Savoye.  Anyway, the style of Brutalist furniture complements the massive, fortress-like characteristics of the architecture with square, chunky wood pieces in a darker color palette (Chairish).

So you can understand why I was drawn to it…that 70s vibe really got me. You can find Brutalist nightstands and credenzas painted in a variety of colors and while I kind of hate when people paint vintage furniture, I kind of love the look here!

The down side is that Brutalist pieces are so dang freaking expensive. A pair of night stands will set you back nearly a grand. The day this idea dawned on me I went to my local Craigslist and would you believe it? Someone in a local neighborhood was offering a bed, dresser AND my much needed nightstands for $900. But the creep wouldn’t separate the suite for me. What a loser. You hear me out there in internet world? L-O-S-E-R!!!!

I have found some on etsy for cheap, I’m just being cheap and not wanting to pay shipping.

But when I do get my hands on a pair I will lacquer them in white like so:


It’s funny the other day I said I’d never own light colored furniture and I totally already own this linen upholstered bed from World Market! I highly recommend it.

Lamps/ Nudey/ West Elm Duvet/ Rug

Options for nightstands: 1 /2 / 3 / 4 /5

From what I gather, research terms like Paul Evans (I reckon he was a key designer), brutalist (duh), cubist, lane, drexel…nightstands/end tables/side tables.

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