Choosing a dining chrome chair

I initially wanted a blue upholstered Hans Wegner “round chair” for my tulip table but the more I peruse the chair world the more I don’t think wood is for me?

It’s no secret I’m a big ol’ fan of unique chairs so my search led me to mcm/70s velvet chrome seats. The thing is with buying vintage, there will be imperfections (like here some of the velvet is thin and breaking) and there will be shipping costs. I could drive to Ohio (8 hours away) to inspect these and save $400 on shipping (the chairs are $485)….




Or I could go the wayfair route and spend about $300 with free shipping. They aren’t a totally awesome unique shape  but I do like the way back curves nor are they a navy blue like I’d like BUT I think they would look fine with my table? Thoughts? We can still achieve modern glam/70s/plant heaven with these chairs.

I did want to have vintage chairs with the table but….I’d also like to not go broke. This is really a great deal. 4 chairs are included in the price!


All the vintage chairs can be found on chairish. Aren’t the yellow Milo Baughman ones great? If you want to spend 3,200 bucks! Noooo thanks.

The modern choices are lacking in unique features.

#4 wins here on the unique fun factor with the high back but there’s no way of knowing if the faux leather material is crap until you order. They are 2 for $200.

The 2 chairs in the middle are rather pricey, 5 hundo a chair, but you do get some upholstery options! I’d suggest going vintage in this instance. If you’re going to spend big bucks new, get something cool in a unique style! You’ll know the craftsmanship is there.

#1? I just like that curvy leg base. Something those skinny leg b’s don’t have 😉




#7 could be way fun and chic for the right house and table, though mine isn’t it! I also really love the shape of #8. If only they were blue and velvet! Those back legs are really struttin’!

Look for velvet upholstery or unique legs. That’s your ticket to a beautiful chrome dining chair.


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