Dream room inspiration and etsy shopping


It’s very easy for me to lose track of my own style and taste when I’m inundated with white rooms full of pristine white furniture on every design blog and every furniture website. I start to think “yes, I want that!” and then I remember “no! That isn’t practical to my life and I love COLOR.”

My first “adult” sofa post college was a pale yellow and my god that thing was SO DIRTY by the time I got my berry pink chesterfield. I’ll never know how people keep light color furniture clean.


(I’ve come a long way since this room I think. I do still have the chair and those giraffes from the shelf.)

Last night, after looking at coffee tables for literally HOURS I decided to look at images of chesterfields to find inspiration and I was brought back to life by this image.

I don’t have to lose my love of color or my love of vintage. This room marries new pieces (the sofa, the rug, the daybed) with vintage pieces (the chairs, the side tables (?), the lamps), so seamlessly. And look how many colors are going on in this room:

  1. green
  2. blue
  3. yellow
  4. gold
  5. black
  6. brown
  7. white

Love it.

I highly suggest you read this article on Marisa Tomei’s apartment. You know I’m crazy loving these vintage chairs. Again, I couldn’t do the white furniture and rugs but those vintage chairs and that sofa? YAS QUEEN (haha).


Even Marisa shops like us: the floor lamp was found on Etsy, the painting was found on eBay.




I got word that my credenza is on its way! Headed from the good on Pacific Northwest USA. I didn’t tell you I was getting the credenza from a few entries ago but I couldn’t help myself and ordered it. Which brings me to…


Here are some items I’ve got my eyes on. I wish the Jesus bust was large like I’m tricking you here on this plant stand. In reality he’s a mere 4×2″. Sad. I really hate paying shipping but etsy is still the best at finding unique treasures like this so if you don’t make the site a regular for your antiquing/vintage searching I suggest you give it a go!


Here’s the credenza that’s making its trek to me. And this (x2) is the chair I got right before the new year from etsy. I’m still on the hunt for the right fabric to get them recovered. I still really love the green (it’s velvet!) but I haven’t gone to the store to see it in person.


Here’s a round glass table I found (not quite sure about it) with this rug I’m drooling over. Spend my taxes on my bills or on this rug? HA!

I’ll leave you with this last bit of inspiration, taken from a 1953 Home & Garden’s Complete Guide to Interior Decoration


And this screen cap from Here’s Lucy.


3 thoughts on “Dream room inspiration and etsy shopping

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  2. I agree, white furniture and white rugs are too hard to take care of. I had a white rug in my bedroom. I had to vaccuum it all the time, like everyday. It was too much. I dont want to vaccuum everyday. White furniture is not practical or realistic

  3. I saw a post saying that 90’s style all white kitchens are coming back. Blech. A kitchen?! So dirty. I did go with a semi-all white theme for my room, but I do prefer a variety of colours….

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