The Coffee Table Post


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You have to ask yourself, what type of room are you looking to create? Sometimes I get sidetracked by all this pretty gold and glass but I don’t know that it really goes with my overall “zen, bohemian, modern glam” vibe. I suppose it does fit the “modern glam” bill. That must be why I’m so drawn to it. My style is really an eclectic mess.

After posting yesterday’s entry I got an email about how “in” acrylic is. Well, how nice. I’ve been wanting a glass table like #4 for a long time but in the end I don’t know if it would go with the new chairs once they’re recovered in the green velvet or with the credenza I want to get. I don’t want to go too heavy with wood either, which is why I like my Moorish coffee table because it’s a mix of bling and wood. I kind of like #2, the vintage rattan and glass table but am I a really a boho gal? Plus, I have my eye on this Target mirror. I don’t want to go too heavy on the rattan, ya know?

The scene I’ve been slowly building in my head over the course of this blog is a foundation of 50-60s (mid century) furniture with a 70s feel (warm colors mixed with lots of plants). Which again supports the “zen, bohemian, modern glam” style. I was drawn to the rattan because it reads 70s to me.

But between all my chairs, I cannot picture the dream coffee table. Maybe I need a basic one that just disappears into the space? (The glass/acrylic would definitely do that.) But all my furniture is bought with purpose and each piece is loved. I can’t just buy any old piece of crap?

Out of all the choices here, I keep leaning to #1. I like that it’s a lot larger than my current table, and the bottom shelf offers storage for books and knickknackery. At $739 that’s a good deal more than I’d like to spend but…

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