Happy 2016! Living Room update

I can’t believe it’s 2016. I survived the absolute worst year of my entire 30 year existence, from receiving devastating health news, dealing with depression, going through a break up, and hating my job. I am so very hopeful that 2016 brings new beginnings and wonderful experiences. I hope I’m able to grow my graphic design business as well as my interior styling career. It is such a dream and passion of mine. I feel good about the future!

But 2015 wasn’t all bad. I did travel to NYC for my 30th birthday and did vacation in Joshua Tree, CA in the late summer (which was extremely rejuvenating and inspiring). I also moved into a 1930s craftsman and was able to do real Evolution of a Home type projects for the first time (like tear down the screen porch and begin small but effective renovation on the kitchen). I bought my first “big girl” bed, got my dream dining table (it’s here, folks! I’m still decorating though), and before the clock struck 12am, I got new vintage chairs for the living room. So, while I personally suffered the house progressed and that was fun!

All that is lacking is painting the fireplace white, reupholstering the chairs, getting those fun new yellow pillows, and window treatments. But as of now I’m pretty darn pleased with how the living room has turned out.

My living room:

If you recall before:


This was when I first moved in. A little too much going on on the mantle. A little more Grandma-chic than what my taste really is. But you work with what you have.


And now. I do realize this flower painting is too small? but I don’t want to clutter up the space like before and as of now I do not have a larger flower painting. So, this works just fine for me. I think in person it doesn’t read as small as it does in photographs. Aren’t my iphone photos sad? Just sad. Something I need to work on in the new year. Professional room photography! Is the 6s better than the 4s? Maybe it’s time to buy a Nikon?



Due to my messy nature, I have opted to keep the coffee table book/clutter free. It will soon be full of computer/glasses/plates/chips/etc. You can see the stains on the chairs, which I was aware of upon purchasing. I do like the color they are though. I will have to search high and low for the right abstract upholstery fabric. I found a shop in town, King Cotton, which I think will be a good place to start. They offer upholstery services so maybe they can point me in the direction of a reputable upholsterer. I can’t trust my new babies with just anyone! I did receive a quote from one fella, with the most generic of websites (like stock photography of people in headsets for customer service) for $325 a chair. I don’t know if that’s low? All I know about upholstery is that when they low ball you they generally do crappy work.



Book shelf styling is definitely one of those trial and error type things. The walrus Β (lower picture) shelves have been styled for a while now, but I couldn’t seem to figure out the brass deer (upper picture) shelves until the other day. I received the brass deer for Christmas. Thanks, Ma πŸ˜‰

Those left hand shelves still are not my favorite but maybe when the fern grows it’ll detract your eye from my lack of good things. There’s not enough blue/orange/yellow like in the other shelves. Do they have to match though? Maybe I will go back in and take from the Right side so the Left side has more of the oranges/yellows. I still would rather they only be plants but that’ll take some time.

IMG_8866 IMG_8867

And lastly, since I do not have a credenza and probably won’t for a long time, here is my solution. I moved my cabinet and my favorite velvet chair to create a sort of entry hall. Complete with foliage from the back yard!

If you’re just starting to read, this house has no quarter rounds and when I first moved in, I purchased 5 pieces and laid them about the house. It made me feel better not to see the huge gross gaps between the wall and the floor. Then, life passed by and I forgot to finish my q-r project. A few weeks ago I was down in the basement trying to suss out a cat/possum (I have no idea if one was really down there, but Chloe, my dog, was mad at something), and I found a ton of quarter rounds stashed in the ceiling! So, there’s a new project! Β And they’re original to the house so that’s nice. However, there doesn’t appear to be an ENTIRE house stash so…yeah, not sure what to do. But it was still good to know that there were indeed q-r in place and that the house isn’t falling in or something (floor coming away from walls. Which btw, it totally is. Some rooms are -1Β° off. It’s a slanty nightmare in here.)

I’m enjoying the Threshold lamp and the Oslo table. I think it brought some much needed modernity and sleekness to the room. No more hand-me-down antiques! Once again, here’s where most everything came from. Of course my vintage is collected in fleas, etsy, antique shops, etc. My new vintage chairs are from here. She has some really great pieces!

New living room ideas

Onward, 2016!



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