Buying vintage

Sometimes you just feel good design in your bones, but you hesitate because buying vintage furniture online means A. what if the sizing turns out to be wrong? I’m not always the best at measurements. B. you cannot send it back. There are no returns on sites like etsy! C. what if they didn’t truly represent the item and you get a piece of garbage and are out of a chunk of change?

It makes me so nervous to buy vintage online, but when your city doesn’t supply you with what you need, what choice do you have?

I am obsessed with these swivel mid century chairs. They are so beautiful . Those lines! Those little legs! So, I’m fairly 99.9999% sure they’ll be in my future shopping cart by the end of today . I mean, that swivel action kills me!


They are filthy though and that is why I’ve been hesitating buying. Upholstery ain’t cheap, baby! Essentially $500 per chair? But how beautiful would they be in a fun black and white abstract print!

New living room ideas.

(Open new tab to view larger. Unless it’ll let you click to view larger.)

I just have to figure out what b&w print that will be (this is just me playing with mood fabric. It’s a jersey so that would not work on a chair).

(You know those aren’t my pillows….but I don’t hate ’em!)


update 1:00 pm: Okay, the chairs are mine! Eeeee!


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