Have cash, will buy?

I took my own advice any decided to buy the Target Oslo table. I haven’t been too keen on the hand-me-down antique side table I’ve been rocking for soooome time now. It’s time to go! Bye old friend!


While I was in there, I thought, what the heck, I’ll buy a new lamp too! I can get rid of the old garbage lamp that sits on the old hand-me-down table! Literally, I got the lamp currently residing on said table out of the garbage. Hah….Β  you find your treasures where you find them!!! Don’t judge me πŸ˜›

I think this table will lend itself well to my 60s/70s vibe. The more I think about my Emily Henderson evaluation the more I think it’s spot on: zen, modern glam, bohemian.

My table is due 12/22! AH! So excited!! If only I had a credenza, the dining and living room would be pretty much complete (except for like painting, new artwork and continuously collecting knickknacks but that’s on-going)!


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