Thanksgiving 2015

So my kitchen wasn’t ready in time for my first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Big whoop. It turned out not to be a big deal at all. WHEW.

My mother came to help me cook (she made the turkey and dressing and I made the side dishes) and my father and step-mom came to visit and eat with us. It turned out really nice. All the warm and fuzzies!

I thought the desk-table looked pretty great and I stayed trued to my vision 🙂


The table is only a desk so it’s very small when you need to fit on a giant turkey platter, side dishes, and setting for 4. It didn’t all fit so the turkey sat elsewhere. I highly recommend this Real Simple brussel sprouts/kale with capers recipe.

The china cabinetmajig was perfect for the dessert (carrot cake). I got the Anthropologie plates and spruced it up with jackson vine. The pink flowers are from mom’s garden but she wasn’t sure what they are?


I was pleased with our colorful set-up. You know me- color color color! I’m not really a fan of the traditional (anything) fall colors of orange and brown at Thanksgiving. It’s oh so tired!!

Now to think how I want to decorate for Christmas. AH!



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