Lessons in painting

So, I don’t know why I assumed 2 cans of spray paint would cover 4 cabinets. I guess I thought spray paint went a LONG way. In case you’re as clueless as I am, and have obviously never spray painted ANYTHING in your life, let me fill you in…

It doesn’t go far. At all. In fact, those 2 cans didn’t even cover 1 cabinet’s exterior. I feel extremely disappointed in myself and in the progress I made this weekend in getting the cabinets painted. The Hedrix paint is $50 for 2 cans of paint. I’d need like what…$200 worth for just 1 cabinet? I’m not spending nearly $800 on spray paint. No freaking way. Especially not on a rental!

So, now I must move on to alternative #2. Latex paint.


The first color is pretty much the color of the spray paint I purchased and the 2nd is really the color I was after. So, may as well buy what we envisioned in the first place, eh?

I’m also after acrylic/lucite handles/pulls and of course you can’t waltz into Home Depot and buy them off the shelf. Everything I do has to be difficult! AHHHHH! I’ve found some online on etsy and ebay in small lots of 5 of 10 but they’re already sold. I can’t imagine orange cabinets with silver/chrome or gold handles and I do not want colored handles. It has to be clear. Has to be!!! I guess if I have to I could go gold…? Bleh.


The disaster in the making. Haha. You can see that the people who previously painted the cabinets black didn’t even bother to paint the interior. Real classy touch there. Really love it. Thanks guys! I just couldn’t imagine them white again though. Seems too sterile and clinical like a hospital, especially now that I’m doing white walls.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about what do about the countertops. I HATE the ugly white pieces of poo that are currently slapped on them (not even fitted properly!). I’ve been googling remnant locations in town. I’m not really a fan of granite but I think a cool piece of stone would be nice? I dropped by home depot and looked at laminate as a cheaper option.


I thought this might be cool. The orange flecks don’t match the coral paint but would match the sherbet paint if I switched to that shade? It also reminds me of colors in my rubber tree plant which I just got for the kitchen. Let us not forget PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS in every room πŸ™‚ But then I don’t see it going well with the clear handles. So…yah I just need to look at lots of counter top color options!

Then an employee told me to go with remnants so…back to that idea? I’ll just have to go to the remnants yard (is that what they are?) and see what’s up. I can always take my little remnant with me when I move! I only need a 48″x 20something” piece. Nothing very large at all.



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