The neutral seat


1, 2, 3, 4

Out of these 3 choices as cheaper alternatives to #1, I like 3 best. But in my reading of the reviews it seems this chair is quite large, “large enough for me and my daughter to curl up in.” I have a tiny living room and don’t require gigantic chairs. I already have a ginormous chesterfield! But fear not, if true vintage isn’t in your budget there’s always some knockoff somewhere! These are from wayfair. They do have closer reproduction but they cost as must as the real deal! Silly.

I wouldn’t mind the middle chair ($280) if it were just a little lighter in color. That weird coffee/tweady color makes me think of sick offices and I can’t have that in my home. But if someone else had a neutral color palatte, I’m sure it’d be sweet!

(The intent here of course is to buy 2 chairs.)


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