MCM Chairs

I’ve been thinking about chairs (when am I NOT thinking about chairs. I love chairs. Chairs are my heart) and how I’m not sure about how much I love my thrones anymore. At least not in my living room. If I don’t do the bench idea in the dining room I can picture them under the windows there. Or in the guestroom. Or in my office. Yeah! …Clients need a place to sit, ay???

I’ve really been eyeballing these mid-century chairs.


They’re a more structured shape which I think I am lacking in my living room. Although some may say my living room is already incredibly uncomfortable (for them maybe, for me, I fall asleep in there all the time). I’m also dead tired of the yellow and really do want blue (hey, THOSE yellow have some wood on them…). Β This cheapo option is from wayfair with the usual free shipping for $250 a pop. The other chairs are well over $600 plus $400 shipping. So…. Β I don’t know when that’ll happen. I’ll keep my eye out around town in the more retro shops and see if I can find real vintage chairs. I don’t really want fake vintage because my mix won’t be true. New couch + vintage chairs=happy me.

All other chairs may be found on chairish.



My mantle has changed but everything else is pretty much the same. Thrones in action! πŸ˜›

FullSizeRender (2)

Lady has since been moved here, and some other art is now on the mantle.

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