Kitchen progress

I don’t know about you but I HATE prep work. Like can we just paint this b*tch and be done with it! Washing all the grease off the walls, spackling all the nail/screw holes, priming all the dark gross old paint spots painters were too lazy to move the cabinets to get to….WORK. :|.

But I have finally reached the moment where I am able to paint. Yippee!!

Here’s progress thus far:


If you recall ย this is the kitchen in move-in condition. Gross black (grease and dead roach filled) steel cabinets and fridge on the other side of the room.


When I took down the cabinets and counters I was met with lovely orange and green paint! Mmm mmm good. But the orange was inspirational, and as you can see by the paint choices in the previous entry, I’m going to try a coral orange on the cabinets.


Orange was a color fitting steel cabinets in the 40s-60s. Again, here is the color I have ordered.


It isn’t on that color chart but I hope it’ll be happy in the kitchen!


Doesn’t it look better already! ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t you love how they painted over every outlet. Do I just do that too?



2 thoughts on “Kitchen progress

  1. I like your home reno blog. Also, after you paint, you can buy fresh electrical outlet covers for a few dollars at the store. Then you can plug in some appliances (provided the wiring is still in good order)

    • I think that’s what I’ll do. I read it’s a fire hazard to continuously paint over the outlets (paint being pushed in the holes). I know Home Depot sells packs of 5-10 for like $3! So far all the outlets/wiring works fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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