The nook

I have begun demolition (kidding, I didn’t demolish anything!!!!!!!!). All the cabinets have been removed and I’ve begun cloroxing the walls. Pictures to come!

I’ve been thinking about what should go into the nook. I don’t want to spend a lot of money in that tiny area. There’s a junk/thrift shop near my house that always has small tables for sale. I was thinking I could buy one of those and paint the top white to give it new life/make it more modern? I know some people paint a bit of the legs too when they do projects like that but I don’t know how I feel about that look?


The chairs are World Market and the table is one I randomly found on google images. I think something plain and simple would do the trick and usually you can find stuff like that at thrift stores. Those chairs are $158 for 2. At one point I think WM was running a sale $99 for 2.  I have a pretty floral painting I can hang above the table on the nook wall. I don’t have a lot of clutter to line the shelves yet. All in due time I reckon.

All of this renovation has to be completed within the next 2 weekends (by November 26: THANKSGIVING). I’m out of town this Saturday but Sunday I’ll go buy paint. That means every day after work I have to paint. I’m not concerned about the walls, that I can paint in a day. I’m most concerned about painting the blasted metal cabinets. AHH.


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