Kitchen woes

If you recall this is my unsightly

On the other side is an arch, with the breakfast nook and that is where the landlord has put the refrigerator.

I’ve been doing some reading on the kitchen “work triangle”. My kitchen is currently very ineffective in workflow. I mean, what is with this sparse cabinetry? We’ve already established I hate the steel cabinets (I tried to be enthused about it because I do love retro/vintage crap but they’re rustry and rotten and ugly and I hate those crap formica tops that someone just slapped on there and AH!)


Anyway, you want there to be a triangle of flow between the fridge, sink, and stove.

Here are my thoughts. Click to enlarge to read the text boxes.


First, remove that smaller counter/cabinet at the back of the kitchen near the door. Replace it with the fridge. Next, I can attempt to slide the stove to the left and put that smaller counter with the longer one on the other side of the stove to make one long counter top. And combine the 2 cabinets over that counter area. And viola, WORK TRIANGLE!

Then I could change out the hardware, add some plants, get a table for my now freed up nook, add a rug….. you betcha!


4 thoughts on “Kitchen woes

  1. You have good ideas and could redo an awesome house. You should save so that you can put your money and energy into something you own! You obviously have the drive. I could never motivate myself to do some of the projects I’ve seen you take on.

    • Emily,
      You’re a homeowner now….and I need clients for my portfolio. Anytime you need someone to spruce up your house, you let me know!! That’s what this house is all about. Getting it picture ready so I can hopefully be an interior stylist one day. It is truly my passion. And it would be lovely to do all this to a house I own. OR I could just jump ship after a few years and “renovate” all over Bham! hahaha. Jk because I don’t want to be here (like ever, at all.)

    • Thank you! I feel the pressure of the Thanksgiving clock ticking away. I don’t know if it’ll get done in time, but it will def get done! 🙂

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