Thanksgiving table

I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my rental this year. First time ever cooking dinner for my family. My dad and stepmom have even agreed to travel to come see me! I’m floored! Dad hates traveling to “the city.”


Mom likes to decorate with all that cheesy scarecrow, pilgrim, pumpkin, cornucopia nonsense but I wanted elegance. I already have the wooden table (unfortunately…where’s my Eero Saarineen!), the whitehall glasses, and the napkins.

Here’s the list:

Terrain Tablecloth (out of stock but they do have a wrinkley beauty for $98)
World Market Baroque Plates
World Market Napkins
Moss Runner
Anthropologie dessert plates
Vintage Indiana Whitehall glasses

Brass candlesticks and dark purple candles can be found just about anywhere I reckon! I was also thinking of stringing up some colorful leaves to drape over the table. Real or these packs of leaves from WM. Just to make it all the wee more fun and festive! I also need to find 2-3 serving dishes at the thrift to coordinate with my stuff and a server. WM has a turkey server if I don’t find anything else. I don’t want to go nuts because it’s not like I’ll be doing this sort of hosting often. Or maybe it is good to buy now to have later????

Anyway, I think this is a solid tablescape.


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