The State of Things

My bed came! Sleeping on it is like a hotel dream. It has even changed my mattress! It’s gone from lumpy mush to firm wake up with back aches. HA!

  • I did not find blue night stands.
    • Do I paint these night stands blue??
  • I am unsure what bedding I want. This is an old Anthropologie blanket. It will NOT be staying.
  • This rug is too small. Since I reconfigured the room to have the bed on the windows, I didn’t like it at the foot of of the bed.



My idea was to mimic this “best on a budget” option of 2 small rugs flanking the bed. I didn’t try the “best over carpet” option. I don’t have carpet and I don’t really like that open bare floor space where my feet would be touching getting in out and out bed.

Of course in the future, a larger rug is in order. My room would be just fine with the first 8×10 option (not large enough to support the 9×12). That is what I was picturing.

IMG_8391 nightstand

Bed and rug / 2 are World Market (similar. My rug is no longer available).

I found these matching stands at a thrift store. I know they’re technically too tall to be night stands but I’m going to work with them a while and see how it goes. I really liked the hardware and wheeliness. I found that lamp at a thrift store too! The lamp shade is off but I’ll deal with that later as well.

I really hate that bed spread. UGH. The hunt is on. I don’t even know what I want. I’ve never been wild about bedding. I also don’t have a feel for what rug I want.

So should I paint these night stands blue?

IMG_7139 IMG_7138

Here’s the old set up. I moved all this jazz to the guest room so now I can have guests! Woo!

At least it’s getting there……..


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