Home buying

You know how some people think of houses in terms of the more expensive the better? Nah, the cheaper the better.

I think in terms of how cheap can I get this thing so that the roof isn’t falling in and the mortgage is SO LOW I can pay off all my other debts and then get the heck out of dodge. And of course, resale value. And for all that, I like to look in the ghetto where I currently live (aka transitional neighborhoods. I don’t really live in the ghetto).

Isn’t this a dream! I mean, can you imagine the remodeling fun you’d have! It’s less than $70k. That basement bar makes my heart skip a beat. Think of how many people I could cram in there in vintage attire with cocktails in hand for a Mad Men themed party!

ahouse2 ahouse3 ahouse4 ahouse5

It looks like the house would get lots of natural light (once you repaint and rip up all that ugly carpeting). That fireplace is amazing and those bookshelves! Love love.

Not that anything will come of this dreaming scheming but I did contact the bank to see what kind of loan I could qualify for. I’m kind of really tired for throwing nearly $1,000 of rent away each month. At the same time, I don’t want to be tied down to a house because I hate Birmingham. What are the pros? What are the cons? As it stands now I am pretty much the home owner of my rental. Unless catastrophe strikes…I have to fix all problems. If I were only paying $200 on a mortgage, I’d pay off my student loans and my debts so much faster (SO MUCH) and have money for any house disasters. I have serious thinking to do. I’m not getting any younger!

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