Mid-Century Night Dreams

Well, I impulsively purchased a bed yesterday.

Many moons ago, in my mid-20s all I could fantasize about were tufted beds. And for some reason I really wanted a purple one. And damask wall paper. What the heck was that about?

I was talking to a girl friend yesterday about tufted headboards and that got me to searching the ol’ interwebs…and would you know it, World Market had an entire upholstered mid-century style bed for $299. $299, folks! So cheeeeap! I ordered that sucker right then and there.


Dresser, antique/ Bed/ Nightstand/ Chair, vintage/ Rug, WM (but no longer available)

These are the pieces I already have, except my rug is a different pattern. And I don’t have that Target lamp. My lamp game is weak beyond measure but I am definitely working on that. It’s hard to say goodbye to grandparent lamps for new lamps. I didn’t realize I was attached to them. Plus they have so much more character than plain old crusty lamps today! I’ll just have to look for new vintage lamps that aren’t floral. I put the lamp here to show blue elements. I’m thinking lots of warm pinks and reds but mixes of blues. Not unlike the dining room and one day the living room (those yellow chairs WILL be blue dangit).

Also, those aren’t the original bed legs. I switched them out for some mid-century style legs. It really makes the bed. YEAH! Can’t wait! Maybe once it’s here I’ll have a better idea for bedding. BEST OF ALL: it’s a queen! Upgrade! Sleeping on a full alone is fine but with a mate ain’t so great.

Get yourself over to World Market and snag you a bed! There’s blue, bone, yellowish, and grey. yay! 🙂

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