Dining delights

Been a minute!

LA was wonderful and rejuvenating! I am so sad it only lasted 4 days. Joshua Tree is amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Back to reality.


While in LA, we got lost (ish) and wound up in Little Ethiopia and found 45 Three Modern Vintage (an Emily Henderson recommended store. The sales woman was even raving about her randomly in there. I was like “I read that blog daily! Small world!”) . They had this amazing lime green velvety tufted bench. I think the legs were acrylic.  I knew that’s what the dining room needed, right under the windows! Guests can chill there while I serve up drinks at the bar! This Art Deco cabinet isn’t what I have, but was the closet thing I could find online (I don’t have a picture of my cabinet).  I DO have that tapestry! Isn’t it great! It’s mad dirty though. Ex gave it to me. Was just hanging out in his parents attic. What a find. Thank you thank you. It’s very Alexander Girard. I am in heaven.

So the dream chairs have been sold but I really do want blue chairs for my Eero Saarineen so the search is on.  Also, seeing it like this…to rug or not to rug? Probably to rug but I’m not sure just yet what I want. With black in the living room and all this color going ’round… of course I know I’ll pick a colorful pattern. Of course!


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