The marble top

I don’t know what I was doing when I first discovered the Miller House, but that’s probably where I first fell in love with the Eero Saarinen tulip table. To see it in person in 2013 was truly amazing, decked out in Girard folksy sculptures, needlepoint monogrammed seat cushions (for each member of the family), lit up atop a Girard rug.

The architecture of Eero Saarinen and the interior design of Alexander Girard create a mid-century work of art. Every lover of the period really must go! Columbus, Indiana is a gem. And, thanks to the family’s donation to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, you can tour the home and the grounds! I wasn’t one of the sneaky lots who took photos when you’re not allowed to on tour, so I have no interior shots. But you can pay the photography tour price and take pictures inside, which I’m assuming is how internet world has so many…not because they’re all rule breakers 😛

saarineen1 saarineen2

Isn’t it amazing how clean it all is after all these years? I love all the patterns and colors! AH!saarineen4

They don’t light up like they used to! 😉  1,2, 3 (peruse these 2 blogs for more beautiful Miller shots!! The floor pit is my all time favorite. And Xenia Miller loved plants. They’re everywhere!)

Anyway, the point being when I was thinking up what sort of dining table I wanted and I recalled the tulip, of course I can’t afford an original. You know, I’ve been looking at all the fiberglass top ones and reading how they scuff. But then! earlier this week, I found a marble top for only $700! You GUYS!!!!  I am set. Ready to make the purchase.


And, I found 4! of my dream chairs on Etsy for only $500, with blue upholstery. The reproductions are like $200 a piece so that’s $800 in chairs! Yeesh! …Of course, they may not exist come purchasing time but I know they’re out there…waiting for me.


I’ll leave you with this Girard swatch/design plan. All these colors are present in my plan! I love them! saarineen3


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