White town

I’ve been thinking a lot about all my upcoming projects. There are so many and I have had to put them all on hold to save for my September LA trip. So frustrating not having an endless supply of money to pump into this little house (and my life, doh!)

One Kings Lane gets me so much. They’re always posting images of interiors that speak to me (remember Hacienda Style?)  Well, here’s an entire shop curated for “small bungalow living”. This is the only image I could find on the internet that closely resembles my set up. Pretty exact, right! And shows exactly what I’ve been thinking about:

White walls, white fireplace.

At first I was thinking I’d just leave it black but ….why? I don’t like it black? Let’s go all the way! I really like the windows accented in this navy color as well. Something to consider! But I don’t want to go hogwild considering this is a rental + budget.

Now, I don’t know what color the inside of that fireplace is but for a time I had considered painting the black fireplace something fun like bright green or orange. It then occurred to me once it’s white, I could paint it the pop of color inside! I was thinking perhaps green! …you know, to help bring in that plant life feel I’m crazing. Yahhhh.
bungalow 8426aSo, perhaps it’ll look something like this. This was my mock up before moving in so I just ran with it. Of course, I don’t have some of this stuff…but the basics are there!

As soon as I’m back from my trip, it’s full steam ahead on this place! Of course, I’m continuing to tinker about in the yard! More on that later.

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