His Dream Nook

My friend texted me saying Apartment Therapy had instagrammed his “dream nook.” ….I got nothing new going on except yard stuff. Let’s make a post about it!

Here’s the image from Apartment Therapy:


And here’s my recreation:


Right off the bat, I knew that was the Ava sofa from Urban Outfitters. A few years ago, I too was into these ceramic taxidermy heads so I knew Mahzer and Vee was the perfect Etsy go to. They’re a family owned business, love kooky design (COLOR) and you can order custom colors for animal heads if they don’t have what you want already created. Winner! The AT image shows a moose and an antelop (or is that a gazelle?). M&V has an antelop but I didn’t like it, so here we have the moose, a deer, and a wolf. Woodland animals. I assume there would be a third one if the image wasn’t cut off. The power of three!

1, 2, 3

Since my friend lives in Seattle, and we need a vintage item, I thought it only appropriate to peruse the Seattle craigslist side table options. Um, wow. Slim pickens!! Gosh, I thought Seattle would have antiques galore! Guess not…. This little diddy is being offered up for $140. That seems high to me.

Lamps are so expensive! Why is that! It floors me…. but here’s a cheapish version to the white lamp pictured from Lamps Plus. Currently $80. Wayfair has a simpler alternative for half that price. And here’s our little vintage cobalt candy dish.

Now, the AT image shows no rug, but a rug is a must! This pink 8×11 kilim from wayfair is only $419. Amazing. Color, texture, and value all in one! And the kilim pillows (1, 2) are all less that $20 on etsy (and there are pages and pages of them!)

Of course, no home is complete without a plant and I do love a fiddle fig. I nabbed this one off google images….

So, there we have it. Some pieces exact, some pieces with my own spin (you gotta have some vintage mixed in there for good balance).

Friend also mentioned he loves the exposed brick, but like so many of us, lives in an apartment where there is none. Solution: faux brick wallpaper!  This is $44 a bolt but they do have some $.99 stuff, though I bet that doesn’t look so hot. Where there’s a will for brick, there is a way! 🙂

So, what would the total for this room be?

With the sofa, the pricier lamp, the 3 heads, the dish, the craigslist table, the 2 pillows and the rug: $1650 (ish) not counting shipping on anything. All in all, that’s not too shabby. Way cheaper than the price of most sofas!!!



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