Mid-century buffet search

After I nixed the idea of a console table (how generic), and a piano (that would be fun!), I decided, and am sold on, getting a mid-century buffet for the living room. Initially though I was on the hunt for a credenza.

But did you know those low, long little buggers are expensive! $1,200-$3,000+.  If we could stay in the $700 range, I’m much for comfortable with that. There are no credenzas in the $700 range (unless you want some mdf piece of white trash) so I began looking at buffets. Oh the buffet! Now that is a cute piece of furniture, with plenty of storage options.

Now, these buffets don’t come cheap either and they are hard to find in our antique stores. I did come across 3 on Saturday but they were just a bit too plain.

Here is the dream:


This baby is being sold on Etsy for $750. Perfect!! But of course you have to arrange a shipper and that’s like $300. Geez louise. Isn’t it beautiful! The perfect amount of detail and character. Those skinny little legs. The drawer pulls. Ah. Perfect. Love it. Want it. Let’s save those dollars.

On the attainable side there is this Marcel buffet from Pier 1 for $699. Shipping is free to the store or just $40 to your home.


But she ain’t a beaut. So plain! :\ My heart does not go pitter pat.

We also have the West Elm buffet. Who do they think they are…$999. Pfft.


Again, it is plain. It’s definitely better than the Marcel. It’s closer to our dream. I’m just not “gaga” as Jerry would say.

Now, my last idea is this: I’m going to LA in September. What if I go to one of those vintage stores that seem to be everywhere and just greyhound one back to me!?!? I would be able to see it first hand instead of buying off Etsy.

For instance, Mod Crib LA has a dresser for $650 that could fit the buffet bill.


Isn’t that cute! Look at those adorable drawer pulls! The character! Can’t you just picture Painted Lady hanging above? Oh yes. Oh yes.

So, the search is on. New is definitely out of the question. The detail just isn’t there.


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