Mom’s house/ Living Room Update

Your childhood home…did your mom have good taste or was it all tacky plaid curtains and Kirkland’s fake fruit in a decorative bowl on the coffee table like at my house?

My mom has so graciously agreed to let me redo her living room. It’s very dated and a hodgepodge of looks: english country, asian something, southern this, awful that. I don’t know man!

Like many, Mom has an overall good sense of taste but lacks any and all knack for putting together a cohesive room. Like many Southerners, and something that she has instilled in me, she loves antiques. Let’s just jump right into the room. Here’s a couple mobile phone shots she sent me.

IMG_7360When you walk through the front door, you are greeted by the back of the sofa and a sofa table, which creates a sort of entry hall effect I’m not exactly sure I like. Her sofa was new in like 2007? and the colors are dark and poopy. To me, it’s very dated. The shape must still work for us though because I cannot afford to buy her a brand new sofa. The solution: a slip cover.

She also requests a new oriental rug in the same colors as the sofa. No Mom. We must get away from these drab colors and into bright Southern charm! There’s a lot of wood in here. And most of it has been chewed on by her 2 Boston Terriers. The primo piece is the armoire. Is that not a beauty! You can see the built-ins in the reflection. It will remain in that location (I think). We’ll get rid of the faux flowers and all those wall shelves.
IMG_7361Here you can see the entry to the kitchen and hallway. The clock is nice. That we’ll keep. I hate that fireplace hearth glass thing. I don’t know what you call it. Get that out of there! Along with that tacky candle holder. The mantle is full of nails. We’ll patch those up. Leave the mirror (on 2nd thought, that might be going as well. I’m thinking we need to go vertical), but dress up the mantle. I hate those eggs and the plates on the wall.. That’s more of that Asian crap mom likes. Maybe we could just pop those on the built-ins when we restyle them.

Here’s my super quick idea from just doing a quick search of affordable furniture.


We’ll orient the furniture to run in front of the armoire and the fire place, with the 2 new modern chairs flanking the fireplace. The pink chairs, white slip cover, and green rug will brighten up the space from the drab wood and reds and blues Mom has been used to. She already has the round double shelved side table and the blue and white vase (seen up on the wall). She also has an antique side table (half of it is seen in picture 1, by the window) that can go between the new chairs.

As for the antique chaise…that would be amazing but may have to end up being a chair with an ottoman. Whatever we find. I want it to be vintage. The main goal is to create more seating, with the sofa, new chairs, and the chaise. Currently, she has a sofa and a chair. When company comes, there’s no where to sit and she starts pulling out dining chairs!

Mom also has her beloved crystal lamps, but I’d like to introduce a modern lamp, thus the tripod. Actually, 2 crystal lamps are her only modes of light. There is no overhead lighting in the living room. So maybe 3 lamps will properly light the space? I’m not sure yet. It’s always so dang dark in there! And we’ll get rid of the chewed up coffee table and bring in something off the wall like the acrylic! Her sisters won’t know what to think ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lastly, mom loves her tv so I’ll need to figure out what to do about that. She currently has a GIANT gray plastic eyesore that sits in the corner (I didn’t want to post this because it’s so blurry. Gosh Mom!). You can see that she has oriented her sofa to face the television. TV is front and center in this room. I hate that. Tv should not be the focal point of any room. DID YOU READ THAT. NO TV FOCAL POINT. NO TV ABOVE THE MANTLE. PLEASE!!!


My first idea was to use the little cabinet under the English countryside painting (which now in this new room might actually look good) and get her a new flat screen. We shall see. Ugh, more plates!

I think for money sake, this could work fine in the yellow room but I’m not loving it. I think we could do better. But I’ll save that for another day. I do know I’d like to paint the walls of the built-ins to make them pop. That’s something she’s never had before!

Chairs/ rug/ slipcover/ gold side tableย /floral cabinet/ tripod/ acrylic table

The round table is but I cannot for the life of me find it!

And you know what I’m thinking…and I just noticed it last weekend when I was home visiting (it only took 25 years of looking at those walls). This house was built in 1941 and it has 0 architectural details aside from bookshelves and a couple interesting closets and shelves in the kitchen. So maybe we ought to throw up some crown moulding? Hmm…

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