Living room tour

So, here is my living room, at least the bits I want you to see ;). I somewhat restyled the mantle and put what books and knick knacks I have on the shelves. For the future, I’d like to address the windows. I also would like a mirror for the mantle, put the art on the walls, and get a credenza for the wall behind the couch. And paint the walls white, get 18 billion plants, and install quarter rounds. much to do.



I’m really not a fan of random stacks of books and magazines here and there but I didn’t know what to do with my Real Simple collection. What if I want to reference one for a recipe? The fiddle leaf is siting in what used to be my magazine holder. Perhaps when my recycling bin is delivered, I’ll just get rid of them.


The Perfectly Imperfect Home is my decorating bible. You can see I’ve tagged my favorite pages. Ha. And no home would be completely without Dorothy Rodgers’ (that’s my name!) book of disgusting 1960s fish mold recipes (and decorating tips)!


Again with the book stacks but where do you put all your coffee table and decorating magazines that you don’t want on your coffee table? This little vignette is currently operating as my “drop the keys/purse” bowl area. Just don’t plan on listening to any records, okay?

I’m not loving the book shelves but they’re shallow and short I really don’t know what do to! Hardly any of my books would stand upright. And I don’t have enough knickknacks to fill in the spaces. I suppose I got nothing but time to collect…

Sometimes I like the space and others I don’t. Maybe if the yellow chairs were blue like in my plan. If only I have oodles of money….I’ve definitely made the room a lot smaller seeming than it is but placing the sofa where I did, but I wanted to leave a clear pathway from the front door to the rest of the house. I like the coziness and intimacy the smaller seating area provides.

…I just noticed that acrylic polar bear isn’t supposed to be on the mantle. Oops!! Haha.

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