Patio Progress

patio1 patio2 patio3

It’s hard to make heads or tails out of this dirty green mess, but I dug out a good chunk of the patio yesterday. It is an odd mix of bricks and cinderblocks. I think there may have been some thought put into it. There appears to be a pattern. I’ll know more once all the ivy is cleared.

I have to tell you, 2 weeks of battling the English ivy, the Air Potato and this one other type of vine has made me sooooo frustrated. I found myself screaming to the treetops last night “You will not win!” I’m determined to clear away every last bit of the tangled mess! Who planted that stuff! I mean REALLY! Idiots. I hope it just blew over or a bird pooped out some seeds because it is so invasive that I cannot imagine anyone intentionally putting it in their flower beds.

I lost a few ferns in the clearing process 😦 but got out a lot of the strangling vines and dead leaves. I’ll probably end of getting rid of this monkey grass too. The rose bush isn’t looking too hot. I don’t know if it will recover? I hope so! Part of me wants to get rid of all of it! Make way for pretty new ferns, hydrangeas, and rosemary. A clean slate, you know?? I also managed to pull up a good bit of the old path lighting. I don’t understand where the power came from. Did it plug into the garage outlet? Haven’t found that yet. Luckily all the wires are dead.

I found some sort of shoe string loosely tied at the base of the rosebush that my hedge trimmers couldn’t cut through. Bizarre. I’m no gardener. Was that to help it grow upright? It’s growing willy nilly right now.

The pillows from Pier 1 should arrive this week. I went ahead and ordered the rug! After digging around out there I thought 5 x 8 is way too big so I ordered 4 x 6. I suppose I could have built it out but I don’t care to invest in this patio any further than new plants. I’m already buying quarter rounds for the interior! I found the exact same Safavieh Patio rug on Overstock for $30 cheaper than Target ($62 vs $90)! Thanks OS! 🙂


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