Baby’s room/ 1st nursery design


First client! Okay, this isn’t a paying gig but my friend just found out she’s having a girl and asked me to help decorate the nursery. Woo, my first “job”! Now, I do not have children, but I do think the room should be comfortable and engaging.

She said her color scheme was hot pink (or a mix of pinks), navy blue, and gray (not specific about what gray). She also said she’d most likely paint the walls gray so here I showed a light gray.

She has an antique dresser with a round mirror and the rocker she was rocked in. Of course, I don’t know the state of these pieces. She said the dresser is pretty beat up and wishes to paint it gray. “Should I paint all the furniture gray?” NOOOOO!!! I don’t think so. I think matching furniture looks like you bought it at the big box Rent a Room store. Tacky. You don’t want that. I didn’t search for an image of a rocker since I don’t know what hers looks like. So just imagine a rocker in there somewhere.

The chaise, imagine that full of patterned pillows. I’m not a fan of monograms but you know people with babies love ’em! So I threw in a gray one. No idea what her name will be but fabric letters are always cute! Put them on a shelf with other baby knick knacks. Also, mama will need a place to sit, so I thought the chaise was a pretty/fun option. Friend is a girly girl ๐Ÿ™‚

This particular crib is one of those convertible deals, which I think is pretty clever. One bed =baby-big kid! Just needs the correct bedding colors (ie not green!)

Oh, isn’t that mobile the cutest! I love lambs for babies. That’s from Etsy. Everything not listed below was just grabbed off google images to quickly fill the room to show her what could be.

Lastly, on the wall that isn’t pictured could be the changing table!

Target: ย Shag Rug / Convertible Crib / Pink Chaise / Pink Lamp / Blue Drapes

Minted: Rose / Stripes

I think it’s cute and pretty and engaging with the right pictures and toys but I haven’t heard back. Now, if it were my baby you know I’d put a million plants in there. Ha! Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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